"The Morning After "
By Steve Olenski
Sept 13th , 2005

Game 1 - Eagles vs Falcons

Hello boys and girls,

Welcome back to another season of The Morning After .

Please join me in welcoming some friends to the family. For the first timers among you, the TMA is a recap of each week's Eagles game. It is not however your typical recap I put my own twist on things and share my irreverent take on what transpired.

You are of course always welcome to share your opinions with me.

I am also happy and proud to announce the TMA has found a new home at with my good friend, Jules Pilla.

Be sure to check back to this site on a regular basis as Jules does a fantastic job.

Now, the last time we spoke was following the Birds disappointing loss to the Pats in the Super Bowl.

Much has transpired since then.

But there were 3 things we all knew would be true by the start of Week 1, didn't we? At least I did, anyway…

•  Terrell Owens would be lining up at wide receiver for the Eagles.

•  Fred X would be out of a job.

•  Merrill Hoge would once again pick against the Eagles.

Yes it's true. As he so accurately predicted last season, former Steelers RB and current ESPN'er Merril Hoge predicted the Eagles would NOT win the NFC East this season. I think the concussions he suffered during his playing days are finally catching up to him though as he predicted the St. Louis Cardinals would win the East. He apparently was quoted as saying “I think the Cards will win the East this year as I think Terry Metcalf and Jim Edmonds is a lethal combination.”

And did anyone catch the concert for Hurricane Katrina relief the other night? This didn't make many papers but there was a rampant backstage rumor that there was going to be a “That's Incredible” reunion. It turned out to be false, sadly, but just the thought of hearing John Davidson perform his version of “Takin' it to the Streets” by The Doobie Brothers…man that would have raised millions.

Pre Game High Jinx

Much will be debated as to whether or not Jeremiah Trotter should have been ejected. Personally I did not think he threw a punch. Did he intend to? Probably. But you cannot prove intent. The bottom line is he should have known better than to get into any kind of exchange in that kind of nonsense.

As for the pre game promo…it was okay but I just was wondering aloud as to who looks more like Fabio? Clint Howard or Hubie Brown, who made a cameo in the booth in the second half.

It's only practice John…

Prior to Akers' 1 st field goal attempt, John Madden gave us the infamous, ‘in warm-ups I saw Akers hitting ‘em from 60.'

Can we please put a moratorium on these kind of comments? What's next? ‘You know Al, in the pre game, I saw Akers hitting them from the parking lot.'



The TMA is pleased to announce a new feature this season. “The MQ Question of the Week.”

Who is MQ?

Shame on you.

MQ is Mark Quinlan, only the greatest financial mind since James Cash Penney. He has also been yours truly's Birds viewing partner the last 15+ years.

This week's MQ Question of the Week is “Why were the Eagles, the defending NFC Champs, playing on the road in Week 1?”

I do not know why? Do you?

Did the Eagles misfire on “The Bullet?”

Keith Adams, AKA The Bullet, is a nice player. He is a great special teams player. He plays hard. There is no debating that.

But on far too many plays, the Bullet was in the wrong chamber, er… position.

I realize it's only one game and perhaps he was exposed with Trotter out of the lineup, but…

Vicky don't lose that number…

Can we also put a moratorium on all announcers with the ‘Michael Vick is a great QB' talk?

He's an amazing athlete for sure. But he is Randall Cunningham redux.

0-60 with nary a chuckle…

How about that shameless plug and humorless spot by Jimmy Kimmel at halftime? I was rolling in laughter and you can bet I tuned in to his show later in the night.

Where's Chevy Chase when you need him? Or Pat Sajak? Or even Arsenio Hall?

Yeah but what about the Backstreet Boys?

Clearly the Birds were not N-Sync for essentially the entire game. Too many penalties. Too many times out of position, on both sides of the ball. And the usually rock-steady David Akers missing not one, but two field goals.

Eagles Rookie WR to make cameo…

This story broke very early in the morning after you probably had gone to bed but Eagles rookie WR Reggie Brown will be making his acting debut on the hit ABC series, Lost .

Supposedly the producers of the show were so impressed by his inability to find the line of scrimmage and conveyed that lost feeling all night that he would be a natural for the series.

Stats all folks…

Was it me or we inundated with stats throughout the telecast?

It seemed like at every turn we were being force-fed one innocuous stat after another.

I was actually okay with it right up until the time they flashed the stat which displayed how the longest the Madder Cruiser has gone without stopping to empty its bathrooms.

Boom indeed!

Ike TV…

Those of you who have been with the TMA know what we have a special place in our heart for former Birds LB, Ike Reese.

So much so that we dedicated a whole section to him in the past.

But our former Hero barely made an appearance last night.

Good luck this year Ike. We promise to check back in with you from time to time.

The Bottom Line

Despite all their mistakes. Despite the two misses by Akers. Despite the loss of Trotter. Despite the poor play of #5.

The Eagles still almost won the game.

It's a long season, people. Come in off the ledge. Things will get better. I promise.

Time's yours. Food's mine.









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