"The Morning After "
By Steve Olenski
Nov 21st, 2005

Game 10 - Eagles vs Giants

Good morning people,

The more people I meet the more I like my dog

Before we get to the events of yesterday…it is with great sadness that I inform you all of a passing of a gentle giant.

My wife's Uncle Steven had to put down his beloved Roscoe, a mammoth rotweiler who was truly a gentle giant.

Rest in peace big dog…rest in peace.

The Lito Shuffle

Well it would appear Lito won't be shuffling anywhere for quite some time. No one likes to see anyone get hurt and I certainly took no pleasure in seeing #26 go down.

I hope he comes back healthy next year at which time I will resume my campaign of exposing him for what he is: an overrated cornerback.

Until then, get well soon, Lito.

MQ Question of the Week

After a few weeks off, the financial genius returns.

This week MQ ponders ‘why, coming back from a commercial break in the First Half, did FOX show a picture of a ram? Yes, a ram. As in horns. As in a wild mountain animal.

A very good question MQ.

Clearly when you think of the Giants and New York and the Eagles and Philly you think mountainous, safari-like surroundings so why not show a ram.

Come on knock our door…

So there I am, watching the game and a player named Roper committed a penalty for the Eagles in the First Half. There is no truth however to the rumor that the Eagles are close to signing Bob Furley, Ralph's grandson.

Billy Mack is a detective down in Texas

For the Steve Miller fans among us, you will recognize the line from the song “Take the Money and Run.” Well the Eagles Billy Mac, as in McMullen, certainly didn't “Fly Like An Eagle” yesterday.

What in the name of John Hannah was he thinking on the Giants blocked punt? See right there is the problem. He wasn't thinking.

It is these type of mental lapses that have become all too commonplace this year.

Zebras Gone Wild

Okay, no we all know it's never good sportsmanship to blame the guys in the stripes for a loss but…let's face it folks. There were some, ahem…questionable calls and non-calls.

The interference non-call on the Giants on LJ Smith in the end zone in the Fourth Quarter followed a few later minutes later by the interference that was called Eagles S Michael Lewis.

Again, one should never blame the officials solely for a loss and we're not saying that here at the TMA but…they sure didn't help.

Somewhere in the Swamps of Jersey

For the Bruce Springsteen fans among us, you will recognize the line from the song “Rosalita.” What was with the James Gandolfini reference by FOX broadcaster Joe Buck when Mike McMahon connected with LJ Smith in the First Quarter?

I realize that both McMahon and Smith went to Rutgers and were teammates but did Tony Soprano make a huge donation to the university or something?

Did they bury Big Pussy's body in the Meadowlands?

MQ Question of the Week (bonus question)

MQ also ponders how long it will be until one can purchase a Mike McMahon jersey at your local sporting good establishment?

An excellent query MQ as you know full well there at least a handful of people out there already making plans to buy onr.

M Squared

Last week yours the TMA received a lot of emails openly questioning we why seemingly gave Donovan McNabb a “pass” last week by not referencing the fact that he possibly single-handedly lost the entire Eagles season with his pathetic pass late in the Fourth Quarter on Monday night.

Well to avoid the same email en masse from occurring again…

Mike McMahon had himself a very nice game, overall. He clearly was very nervous when the game started and got in the swing of things the more the game played itself out.

He made some good throws and made some good plays with his legs.

But before we go out and anoint him as the QB of the future for the Eagles, let's keep things in perspective folks. There's a reason he was released by the Lions.

The Bottom Line

I've said it before and will say it again. The whole TO debacle masked many of this team's deficiencies. The defense's inability to make a stop when called upon. Time and again this season, the offense has kept this team in the game only to see the defense allow a big play. Yesterday's touchdown by the Giants' Plaxico Burress late in the Fourth Quarter was just another example of this.

That is what is perhaps most troublesome. This Eagle team this year never looked like the team that came within one win of being world champs. They never displayed that hunger to get back to the Super Bowl and climb that last hurdle.

Naturally the TO mess played a major role in the disruption of this team's chemistry but you cannot lay all of this team's woes at the feet of one Terrell Owens.

Donovan should have the surgery. Shut him down until next season.

Until next time.

Time's yours. Food's mine.









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