"The Morning After "
By Steve Olenski
Dec 6th, 2005

Game 12 - Eagles vs Seahawks

Good morning everyone,

And how are we on this snowy (at least in these parts of the country) day?

Last night was…

“We interrupt our regularly scheduled program for this Weather Bulletin from Eyewitness News. Let's go right to Dick Sheeran who's been on the boardwalk in Atlantic City since 4:00AM.”

“Dick, what's happening down on the boardwalk?”

“What's happening? WHAT'S HAPPENING? What the hell do you think is happening? It's f#&%ing snowing, I'm freezing my ass off and I'm going inside. I'm Dick-freakin-Sheeran. I was making my bones when you were playing anchorman in your crib.”

“Thanks Dick. Back to you.”

“Stay tuned to Eyewitness News for Full Team Coverage of Winter Storm (even though technically it's not winter) '05 . We now return you to your regularly scheduled program.”

…the Eagles last appearance on prime time TV this season, unless they miraculously find their way to the playoffs. Next year, I can't imagine them being in prime time as much as they were this season.

Not a lot this week folks. How many different ways can you pathetic?

Opening remarks…

Well how the mighty have fallen. The ABC opening featured Seahawk RB Shaun Alexander and…that's it. No Eagle. No TO of course. No Donovan of course. No Mike McMahon. Not even Ed McMahon, who once called Philly home.

Yes, quite a far cry from last year and TO's Desperate Housewives opening number.

Couldn't they get Andy Reid wolfing down a cheesesteak or thirty in the background?

Oh, that's right, Big Red is watching his weight these days.

I still say the Michael Olenski Theory (or M.O.T.), which states the success of the Eagles is directly related to the size of Andy Reid's waistline --- the bigger the waistline, the more wins --- is very legitimate and should not be overlooked.

As we speak a team comprised of the finest minds in Vienna and the head chef from Sara Lee are working on validating the M.O.T.

Results should be available in a few weeks.

Rambling Observations

*The blame for the Seahawks FIRST interception return for a TD in the First Quarter lies more with WR Greg Lewis than it does with Mike McMahon. It was a very poorly run route and as John Madden stated, he (Lewis) needs to do a better job of screening off the defensive back. Not to open a Greg Lewis can of worms, but he clearly has taken a step back this year. He doesn't seem to have the same fire or urgency than comes with the uncertainty of making the team. He was a walk on a few years back and fought very hard to make the team and ultimately his way into significant playing time, outperforming the dearly departed Fred EX. Last off-season, he signed a long-term deal and it sure looks like a little complacency has set in.

*The blame for the Seahawks SECOND interception for TD however lies squarely at the feet of Mike McMahon. Something tells me it was at this point that many viewers switched to the Tori Spelling Retrospective on Lifetime. Preceding this very play was another weak attempt by the aforementioned Greg Lewis on a deep pass. He is just not physical enough. Now where could the Eagles get a physical WR?

*Can someone please explain why the Eagles would dial up Darnerian McCants' number when faced with a Third and Long in the First Quarter?

*Déjà vu time. Last week I asked why is Reno Mahe on this team. Well I'm asking again. And kudos to one of our flock, Mario Dattilo for also pointing out that, besides being a BYU grad like a certain head coach, he is related to Vai Sikahema, former Eagles, current local sportscaster and graduate of…you got it! BYU.

The Bottom Line

Last night was a very emotional game. The Eagles retired Reggie White's number. It was on national television. And the Eagles even had visions of the playoffs dancing in their heads.

But as was the case with these types of emotional games, witness the last game ever at the Vet --- the NFC Title Game a few years back as Exhibit A, the Eagles were simply not prepared to play. They were flat and emotion-less and I for one am at a loss to explain why and how this keeps occurring.

Last night was a complete and utter abomination. It was embarrassing and an absolute disgrace.

It's one thing to be short-handed due to injuries, every team has injuries this time of year. It's something completely different to give up and lay down.

And that is something I never thought we'd say about the Philadelphia Eagles.

Until next time.

Time's yours. Food's mine.











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