"The Morning After "
By Steve Olenski
Dec 12th, 2005

Game 13 - Eagles vs Giants

Good morning everybody,

Raise your hand if you, at any point during yesterday's game, turned the channel to any of these fine television programs:


Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. The boys help Joe plan a surprise proposal to his longtime girlfriend


She's Too Young Teledrama starring Marcia Gay Harden as a mother of a 14 year old girl peer pressured into having sex at a young age.

Headline News


Weather Channel



Celtic Pride. Documentary. (No, it didn't star Dave Cowens, John Havlicek and JoJo White)


Ice 2005 Luge, Bobsledding and Curling


Glamour Magazine's Women of the Year


Cribs Marathon (NOTE: one of the Cribs on display belonged to a certain former Eagles Defensive Back. Who you ask? I will give you a hint: think of the guy who, when he played for the Eagles, could always be counted on to commit a stupid, brainless penalty. And when he wasn't committing mindless penalties, he was being beaten on a regular basis. Yes that's right, if you were tuned to MTV circa 5:30PM EST, you too could view the inner and outer workings of the Crib of one Al Harris. And if you saw the largess of his house and the number of luxury vehicles in his driveway, you would openly the question the existence of a higher being as clearly there is no God.

Rambling Observations (not necessarily about football as my editor says I need to write more and I can onlt come up with so much in regards to football)

*Greg Lewis dropped the very first offensive play of the game, an underthrown-yet-catchable-pass. This of course has been his MO the whole year for Mr. Lewis. Someone is need of a reality check…big time. He needs to remember where he came from. AKA the unemployment line.

*After seeing Ryan Moats dash for 40 yards for the first Eagles' TD, it's clear Mr. Westbrook should be traded immediately. Okay, I'm kidding, but #36 should not play again this season. Just not worth it.

*I think Jessica and Nick will eventually find it in their hearts to reconcile and get back together. I just love those kids and I want to see them reunite.

*The fact that the race card is now being played regarding Donovan McNabb is a complete disgrace. People are now openly questioning if #5 is “black enough” whatever the hell that means. And then we have Jerry Mondesire, the head of the Philadelphia Chapter of the NAACP and publisher of a local paper, saying that “Donovan choked…” Of course the local sports talk radio station's morning mouth, AKA Angelo Cataldi, agreed with Mr. Mondesire's assessment. All this of course is just giving fodder for people as they sure as hell don't want to talk about anything that's happening on the playing field, not that anyone can blame them.

*Dhani Jones and Keith Adams may need some change of address labels in the offseason. The former should absolutely be moved while the latter would be better served on special teams and may stay in that kind of role.

*Two atrocious calls by the officials in the First Half. One was the Roughing the Passer Penalty on Juqua Thomas and the other was an Offensive Pass Interference on LJ Smith

*Didn't we see the hat that sideline reporter Pam Oliver was wearing on an episode of Seinfeld ? Yes, I seem to recall George doffing a similar chapeau and leaving said headgear behind in an apartment of a female all in attempt to gain that ever elusive second date.

*Do you think it would be possible next year if the Eagles could have a kick returner who had the ability to take it to the house on any given kick? Lamar Gordon returning kicks? He can barely out run me.

*If there was any doubt that the Eagles need pass rushing help…the Giants were playing with their 6 th and 7 th string offensive linemen and the Eagles STILL could get no pressure.

*Mike McMahon played his best game to date. He made some nice throws, some of which were dropped (see Greg Lewis); most importantly he was not asked to win the game as the running game took a lot of the pressure off of him.

*Brilliant play by Reno Mahe on the second-to-last play of regulation to run out of bounds wasn't it?

The Bottom Line

A valiant effort by the Eagles. A lot of action and if nothing else, it was a much more entertaining game than last week.

With the loss, the Birds are officially eliminated from the playoffs.

But given the current state of the NFC, it will not take much for the Eagles to return to prominence and their rightful place atop the Conference.

Until next time.

Time's yours. Food's mine.












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