"The Morning After "
By Steve Olenski
Dec 19th, 2005

Game 14 - Eagles vs St Louis Rams

Good morning everybody,

Before we get to yesterday's game, I want to wish all the faithful TMA readers a happy and healthy holiday season. I also want to wish everyone the best in 2006.

Okay, enough of that crap…

Actually one last thing on Christmas.

For those of you who are not aware, we have some members of the TMA family who do not live in the immediate area. Now I don't know how it is in your neck of the woods, but locally in the Philly area, we have had two radio stations that have been playing Christmas music since sometime around the Fourth of July.

I personally like Christmas music but trying to find enough music to fill a play list for 24 hours a day of ONLY Christmas music must get a little challenging for programming directors.

How many versions of Silent Night, Jingle Bells and Winter Wonderland, et al can you hear?


*Once again an opponent took the opening drive and comes away with points. A moral victory of sorts in that the Eagles D held the Rams to only a field goal. But Rams RB Steven Jackson seemed to have a lot of daylight.

*Does Rupert Murdoch own horses? Why do I ask? The Eagles, the Monday Night games aside, have been on FOX and countless times during the season, when coming back from a commercial break, the image shown on TV has been a horse or horses. Even when the game has been in Philly, equine have graced the screen coming back from a break. Speaking as one who was born and bred in Philly, the closest I ever got to a horse was when we played H*O*R*S*E in basketball.

*Ryan Moats. The kid can play. He is not nor ever will be an every down RB. He is a very elusive, very quick and solid receiving back. Man, he sounds a lot like another Eagles RB. I just can't seem to remember his name.

*Did everyone notice that Terrell Owens was called for holding on a punt in the First Quarter? You didn't hear it? I heard it plain as day. The referee said “Holding, #81.” The game was in St. Louis. TO was in Atlanta. That is some reach TO has.

*A penchant for penalties. You wanna tell me some of the penalties the Eagles have been stockpiling the last month of the season is due to the youth and inexperience of some of the newer players, okay, I will give you that. But there is no excuse for the veterans making careless and mindless penalties and mistakes. Sorry, these guys have lacked focus for quite some time and that lack of focus falls squarely at the feet one Andrew Reid.

*Watching the games over the weekend, including the Birds, it is painfully obvious that tackling is truly a lost art. Never have I seen such pitiful tackling …or attempted tackling is more like it.

*Great kick return by Rod Hood in the Third Quarter right? Took all of ONE PLAY to give the ball back as Mike McMahon severely under threw a pass to Reggie Brown. NEWSFLASH…Mike McMahon STINKS!!! Come on Andy, give us some credit. You're telling us that this is the best you can get for a backup QB? M Squared and Koy?? I realize the pickings are slim amongst backup QBs in the NFL but the Eagles need to address this particular aspect very soon as in case you missed it, #5 is not getting any younger.

*Simply horrible drop of a TD pass by LJ Smith in the Third Quarter. So much for those plans for Hawaii in February.

*Did we really need to see the close up in the Fourth Quarter of the official's eye with the piece of turf in it? Was the play on the field that bad that we needed to see that? Don't answer that.

The Bottom Line

Yeah!!! The Eagles beat the Rams, the Eagles beat the Rams!!

Two extremely average teams.

Two teams who were once the class the of the NFC.

Two more games to go in this season.

Two cheesesteaks for Big Red on the plane ride home.

Until next time.

Time's yours. Food's mine.



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