"The Morning After "
By Steve Olenski
Oct 3rd , 2005

Game 4 - Eagles vs KC

Good morning my loyal subjects.

A Tale of Two Halves…

With all due respect to Mr. Dickens…it was in fact the best of times, it was the worst of times.

The Eagles would be hard pressed to look any worse than they did in the First Half of yesterday's game and they would be equally hard pressed to look any better than they did in the Second Half of yesterday's game.

Some of the numbers are staggering:

•  After gaining over 100 yards rushing in the First Half, the Chiefs amassed a grand total of 44 yards via the ground in the Second Half.

•  After going ahead 24-6, the Chiefs ran 21 plays for a grand total of 85 yards, not counting their last possession of the game in which they went 75 yards on 8 plays against a prevent defense.

•  Up until that last TD by the Chiefs, the Eagles had run off 28 unanswered points.

Boy in the Hood

Eagles DB Roderick Hood had himself quite an eventful day, particularly during a 7-play span in the First Half.

First, he fumbled a kickoff, then 6 plays later he was victimized for the Chiefs 2 nd TD on a pass from QB Trent Green to WR Eddie Kennison.

Later in the game he (and the Eagles) caught a major break when a face mask penalty was not called on him as he attempted to make a tackle on a Chiefs punt return.

I know R. Hood's are supposed to take from the rich and give to the poor but this was taking that a little too far.

Where for Art thou?…

Eagles OL Artis Hicks is not having a stellar season. Ill-timed penalties (is there such a thing as a good-timed penalty?) and poor pass blocking have many an Eagle fan longing for the days of Jermane Mayberry.

But it's early and Artie has shown he can play at this level, having filled in over the last few years when the then starters went down with injuries.

Okay, I've got 83, you've got 82, who's got 81?…

What in the world were the Chiefs doing yesterday on defense? I mean this isn't Billy McMullen we're talking about here. It ain't even Freddie Mitchell.

It's Terrell-freakin-Owens. Maybe you've heard of him?

He's pretty good and at some point someone had to be asking in the Chiefs defensive huddle?

“Who's got 81?”

MQ Question of the Week

MQ ponders just why did the Chiefs, after essentially having their way with the Eagles Defense in the First Half, stop running the ball?

They ran just 7 running plays in the entire Second Half.

I don't know, Mark.

Do you?

Commercial break…

Okay, I am nearly 40 years old. My viewing partner, MQ, is over 40 (not by much mind you). We are both grown men.

But I have to tell you, seeing that Burger King guy in the TV commercials scares the living daylights out of us.

He just shows up out of nowhere and I can tell you the last thing I'd be thinking about if I ever saw him, would be eating and those that know me know that's saying a lot.

He looks like something out of the old Batman series or for those that can remember, something out of the old Night Stalker series.

Who's creating their ads, Stephen King?

Where's Karl Kolchak when you need him?

Sound Bytes

“We're watching a situation with Eagles linebacker Jeremiah Trotter. It appears…”

And that was it. FOX sideline reporter Pam Oliver “teased” us with this and we saw Trotter onscreen wearing something on his right arm and…

That was it. They NEVER followed up. Apparently due to technical difficulties yet by the time we did get back to Pam, there was no mention of Trotter.

Thanks Pam.

Then we had play-by-play man Joe Buck, after seeing Chiefs Head Coach Dick Vermeil hug Dante Hall following his kick return for a TD observe:

“Dick's hugged Dante more than he's hugged Carol over the last few years.”

The “Carol” Joe was referring to was Carol Vermeil, Dick's wife.

Man, I'll tell you, isn't anything off limits to the media anymore?

Course the better point would have been which one has Dick patted on the butt more over the years but that may have been pushing it.

The Lito Shuffle

Beaten, again, on a long play among a few others. Yes, he made a very nice open field tackle in the Second Half (see Tommy, I can say something nice) but help me out here, who was that running down the field with the interception for a touchdown?

Was it Lito or was it…?

What can Brown do for you?

Yes it was Sheldon Brown, the Eagles CB, who was streaking down the field with the Birds' 1 st TD. Flat out a better cornerback than the aforementioned Mr. Shepherd.

This year, he will prove it to the rest of the league.

Somebody pass me the Dramamine…

I want the name of the person who came up with the idea of having a camera on top of the field. I want it now. Right now.

I'd like to have a word with this person…in private.

And I want a memo drafted to every producer of every network that states anyone using the overhead shot at any point during a National Football League game will be forced to serve as Hollis Thomas' personal hamstring masseuse.

Vive La France…

How about Todd France? Personally I don't blame him for either the blocked field goal or missed extra point. If Koy could figure out his left from his right…

No, I think the kid did a great job.

Clearly he's better than Akers and the Eagles should cut Akers immediately.

Course I though Mike McMahon should've started the Second Half at QB, so what do I know?

Not so special Special Teams…

Folks, let's face it.

The Eagles Special Teams are just not the same without Our Hero, Ike Reese. He was the emotional leader of the unit. By the way, Ike registered one tackle in the Falcons win over the Vikings on Sunday.

I didn't see the play but sources tell me it was the key play in the entire game and that the Falcons surely would've lost if not for the tackle by Our Hero.

Oh sure, the final score was 30-10 Falcons, but without that one seemingly insignificant play by Ike, who knows?

The Bottom Line

Before I get to the Bottom Line, have to give props to the Phillies. Like Ed Wade or not. Like Charlie Manuel or not. It was sure fun having a meaningful game on the last day of the season, wasn't it?

As for the Eagles, the Bottom Line is this team once again displayed that ever-present intestinal fortitude in coming back from such a large deficit on the road.

But it sure did help that the Chiefs pretty much stink on defense, didn't it?

Until next time…

Time's Yours. Food's mine.


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