"The Morning After "
By Steve Olenski
Oct 10th , 2005

Game 5 - Eagles vs Dallas

Good morning boys and girls,

In case anyone didn't know, the TMA is so named to pay homage to clearly one of the 20th Century's most underrated musical artists, Maureen McGovern.

The Maureen McGovern box set is a highlight of my personal musical collection and could garner upwards $19 in what would surely be a fierce, knock-down-drag-em-out bidding on Ebay if I ever decided to part with it, which of course will never happen.

The $64,000 question is which of my two children receive this prized item in my will. That's a tough call.

Ms. McGovern's song “The Morning After” was featured prominently in the epic disaster movie, The Poseidon Adventure .

The opening stanza goes a little like this:

“There's got to be a morning after,
If we can hold on through the night,
We have a chance to find the sunshine,
Let's keep on looking for the light.”

After yesterday's Debacle in Dallas (I'm quite sure we'll read this and other dopey headlines in the papers today), clearly the word “disaster” is very appropro.

As for “looking for the light” that will come in the form of the Bye Week for the Birds next week.

The early line in Vegas has the Bye Week plus the points over the Eagles next week.

MQ Question of the Week

I informed Mr. Quinlan that this past Friday night, Philadelphia played host to the Regional Championship (or something like that) of the World Rock, Paper, Scissors Society (or something like that)…no, I am not making this up folks, there truly is such a group.

MQ wondered why doesn't Rock smash Paper?

I don't know why.

Do you?


Sound Bytes

Other than his somewhat head-scratching comment about the NFC East and the 1980s, Joe Buck was fairly conspicuous by his lack on inane comments.

Troy Aikman and Pam Oliver weren't so lucky.

In describing Bill Parcells' view of the Cowboys, Troy likened the role of Cowboys QB Drew Bledsoe to that of a bus driver. I guess that would make Keshawn Johnson Ed Norton then?

Then we had Pammy Oliver with reason number one million why certain members of the media are meant to do one thing and that is stir up controversy when there is none.

Speaking from the Eagles' sideline, Ms. Oliver “reported” that she witnessed TO throwing Donovan a look on the bench as if to say ‘what is he doing?'

Unless your name is Kreskin, don't go around assuming you know what people are thinking. It showed a clear lack of professionalism and was meant to start something when there was nothing there, plain and simple.

What's next? She'll tell us what Andy is going to have to eat on the plane ride home?

Wait a minute that one's not so hard to predict.

Bad example.

The Lito Shuffle

In case anyone didn't know, this section is so named to pay homage to clearly one of the 20 th Century's most underrated musical artists, Boz Scaggs.

“The Lido Shuffle” was a huge hit for Boz in the 70's.

“Lido be runnin', havin' great big fun 'til he got the note,
Sayin' toe the line or blow it and that was all she wrote.”

That's a line from the song.

I don't know, do you MR. THOMAS KARR …did Mr. Sheppard “toe the line” or did he “blow it” yesterday?

Now I am never one to say I told you so and I will not start now.

Lito Sheppard is an average to slightly-above-average NFL Cornerback. Period.

Face it folks, he was beaten repeatedly by Drew-freakin-Bledsoe and Terry-she's-not-bad-Glenn.

Don't give me no crap about the great hit he made on Keshawn that caused the fumble that led to the Eagles only TD, either.

But rest assured, Lito was not alone in his ineptness yesterday, not by a long shot.

Deplorable in Dallas…

Told you see more dopey headlines…

You know you win as a team and yesterday, the Eagles lost as a team. As stated, Mr. Shepperd was hardly alone. Other than the kickers, can you name one Eagle who you could honestly say played well throughout the entire game?

Didn't think so.

Somebody pass me the Dramamine (redux)…

Again with the nauseating over-the-head-top-of-the-world camera angle! On virtually every kickoff! I couldn't tell if the ball was on the twenty or at midfield. Course if it was the Eagles doing the kicking/punting, one didn't need to see everything as chances are it was near midfield due to the pathetic…

Not so special Special Teams (redux)…

Once again, the Eagles Special Teams were very bad. Whether returning kicks or covering them, they simply did not get the job done.

As per the norm, field position played a huge role in the outcome of a game although one could argue that the Cowboys could've started every drive at their own 1 yard-line and the outcome would have been the same.

One Adam-12, One Adam-12…

We have an All Points Bulletin on a missing Eagles player. He is listed at 6'4”, about 260 pounds. He was last seen lying face down on the turf at Texas Stadium with some guy named Ziti or something like that standing over him.

He wears #93 and his name is Jevon Kearse.

Anyone with any information leading to the safe return of Jevon to the Eagles defensive line is asked to call 1-800-NO-RUSH.

I went to a football game and a basketball game broke out…

Did anyone else notice the guy who looked a lot like former Sixers Coach John Lucas on the Cowboys sideline?

He couldn't cut it as basketball coach, so maybe Luke will have a future in football. Perhaps he'll teach Bledsoe and Keshawn how to run the pick and roll.

The Bottom Line

Okay we're about a 1/3 rd of the way through the season. The Eagles stand at 3-2. There are some very good things to be happy about and there are some very disturbing things to be concerned about.

The Eagles have about $10 million dollars to spend should they choose; they are that far under the salary cap.

Wouldn't Corey Simon look nice in Eagle green right about now? I know he was not the kind of player he thought he was but as part of the rotation, he was very good.

The Special Teams is clearly in need of help. I know Ike Reese is missed but the Falcons overpaid for him so I do not blame the Birds for letting him walk.

But they need help.

And they better get some…fast.

Until next time…

Time's Yours. Food's mine.


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