"The Morning After "
By Steve Olenski
Oct 31, 2005

Game 7 - Eagles vs Denver

Good morning boys and girls and Happy Halloween,

(NOTE: I will refrain from the too-easy and corny Halloween-esque lines and puns regarding yesterday's debacle.)

After missing last week's game to attend my daughter's birthday party, I was back in my familiar spot, to the immediate left of one MW Quinlan.

Something tells me I should have taken this week off, too. At least after the First Half anyway.

This week The Big Man's gonna look at the game in Halves, if you will, and quite frankly, even if you won't. Don't like it? Get your own column!

(with all due respect to Mr. Shatner)

Stardate: 10/30/05 6:00PM Eastern Standard Time

Deja View All Over Again

If, like me, you thought the First Half of yesterday's game seemed a little reminiscent of the Cowboys game a few weeks back.

Check out these First Half numbers between Week 5 vs. the Boys and yesterday vs. the Broncos.

Total Yards

Dallas: 325

Eagles: 80

Denver: 312

Eagles: 111

First Downs

Dallas: 18

Eagles: 5

Denver: 20

Eagles: 5

Rushing Yards

Dallas: 84

Eagles: 8

Denver: 100

Eagles: 37

Passing Yards

Dallas: 241

Eagles: 72

Denver: 212

Eagles: 74

And if that wasn't enough similarity, I had the exact same pair of underwear on yesterday as I did for the Cowboys game.

Don't ask me how I know that, you don't wanna know.

They're Pacing Themselves

I know, I know, you're wondering why the Eagles waited until there was 7:34 left on the clock in the First Half to get their first First Down but my theory is they were merely pacing themselves.

Stardate: 10/30/05 6:29PM Eastern Standard Time

Champ's a Chump

Well what'ya know. It seems that if they do throw the ball to one Terrell Owens he can make a play. By the way, Mr. Bailey, you can pick up your jockstrap anytime.

Stardate: 10/30/05 6:36PM Eastern Standard Time

Theory-retically Speaking

Gotta give my props to my brother Michael for this dynamite theory. The theory goes like this:

Last year: The Eagles Offense was very effective, productive, efficient. Got the plays called quickly and decisively on offense.

This year: The Eagles Offense has been sporadic; very good at times; very bad at others. How many times have we seen the Eagles forced to call timeout for not having the play called in time?

Michael's theory: The big difference between this year and last is Andy Reid's waistline. Last year we had Big Red and I mean BIG Red. This year Andy's been dieting and thus ALWAYS hungry and thus in a bad mood.

Think about it. If you're always hungry are you gonna be in the right frame of mind and making wise decisions?

Brilliant insight my brother.

Stardate: 10/30/05 6:49PM Eastern Standard Time

I Know Kreskin and You Are No Kreskin

Eagles score their third touchdown to pull within 28-21. Wasn't it just a few minutes prior that the AFC West Standings were posted and ol' Dicky Stockton proclaimed that “it looks like Denver's lead is pretty safe in the Division” meaning to Dick this game was essentially over.

Stardate: 10/30/05 7:03PM Eastern Standard Time

Third Time Is Not A Charm

Denver Coach Mike Shanahan attempts to win his third straight review challenge on a low catch by EaglesWR Greg Lewis. The operative being “attempted.” The play stands. Challenge lost.

Stardate: 10/30/05 7:06PM Eastern Standard Time

Brown Out

Now I think Reggie Brown will be a fine receiver some day but why would you throw the ball to him at this juncture of the game? Oh yeah, he was completely blanketed on the play which then begs the question why would Donovan throw the ball in the first place?

Displaying my own Kreskin-like ability, I said to MQ, this was the turning point. The Eagles were driving toward a tying touchdown.

As Dickie V likes to say, Uncle Mo (momentum) just changed addresses.

Stardate: 10/30/05 7:14PM Eastern Standard Time

It's Raining Again

Right after Dick Stockton implied that Mike Shanahan is an idiot “I'll bet you Shanahan doesn't even know it's raining” uttered Tricky Dicky, Eagles CB Rod Hood does his best Bobby Taylor impression with stellar tackling and slipped on the wet grass and the Broncos were suddenly back up by 14.

Stardate: 10/30/05 7:25PM Eastern Standard Time

Ring My Bell

Broncos RB Tatum Bell just went untouched 60+ yards for a touchdown that…okay, it seems that Dicky Stockton may in fact be Kreskin.

My bad Dick.

Stardate: 10/30/05 7:31PM Eastern Standard Time

It's Over Johnny

Fourth and three pass is broken up and okay boys and girls, this puppy's over. MQ is singing the old Don Meredith ditty, “Turn Out the Lights”…now I KNOW it's over.

Stardate: 10/30/05 7:42PM Eastern Standard Time

Say Goodnight

This team is in trouble folks. Plain and simple. This is NOT last year's Eagles folks. Sorry. Yes, they are still one of the best teams in the NFC but no more are they the dominant team week in, week out.

Clearly it's becoming more and more apparent that last week's Chargers game was a defensive aberration. 31 points to the Chiefs in Week 4. 33 points to the Cowboys in Week 5. And 49 to the Broncos yesterday.

Perhaps the Frisco game in Week 2 was an aberration from an offensive standpoint as well.

Time's yours. Candy's mine.


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