"The Morning After "
By Steve Olenski
Nov 7th, 2005

Game 8 - Eagles vs Washington

Happy Monday everyone. An absolutely glorious weekend weather-wise wasn't it? Okay there was that black cloud hovering over South Philly, but other than that…

The Lito Shuffle

Here we go again. Just as the case was last year when Lito made the Pro Bowl essentially due to the number of interceptions he had, once again the national media, who only look at stats apparently, will be once again championing Lito's return to Hawaii. During the intro of each player at the start of the game, ESPN'er Mike Patrick made reference to the fact that Lito leads the team in interceptions.

Of course over the next few minutes, Lito was both beaten on a pass and made another of his classic phantom tackles on a key third down play. Then committed a pathetic interference penalty late in the second half which lead to a Skins' touchdown.

But that's okay, Lito. Just get about 3-4 more picks and you can make those plans for Hawaii in February again. No worries.

Hard to Believe Harry

I would like to take a moment to say Happy Anniversary to my wife, Terri. Today marks our thirteenth year of marriage and as anyone who's known me for more than say, oh I don't know, 5 minutes – can attest, any woman who can live with me for that long without going insane deserves some sort of medal or sainthood or perhaps a statue erected in her honor. I joke around a lot about well, essentially everything, including my wife and marriage. But make no mistake about it, if she doesn't walk into that SuperFresh on that day at just the right time back in 1982…well, let's just say that the Steve you all know and love is simply not the same person you know and love. She is my rock, lest anyone think otherwise. And more often than not, I should be hit by a rock, but that's another story for another time.

The “Other” TO

Okay, I know you're all dying to know my thoughts on the other TO in Philly. Well as Terri Olenski is my rock, the other TO should perhaps be hit with a rock upside the head. Okay, just kidding…sort of. I have heard both sides of the argument whether to suspend him or not. I honestly think Big Red had no alternative. He had given TO a lot of leeway but had had enough. You simply cannot allow ANY player to publicly disparage both the organization and quarterback time and again with any repercussions. Do I want him back? Yes, I do. But before that happens, I think the time has come for the leaders of this team and NO I don't mean Donovan, to literally get into TO's face and set things straight. I'm talking about Brian Dawkins and Jeremiah Trotter. The players need to police themselves.


I don't know if they're ready to name a candy bar after him like that other Reggie but Reggie Brown sure looked good on the 50+ yard catch and run for TD in the First Quarter, didn't he?

Your Elbow's Connected to your …

An absolutely horrible call on the Clinton Portis “reception” at the end of the second half. Okay, his elbows were in bounds. Fine. But the last time I looked your elbow is connected to your forearm which was NOT in bounds!!

Strange calls

In addition to the pathetic call on Portis' catch, the closing minutes of the second half also saw some odd calls, one by the officials and one by the Eagles themselves.

First, a timeout was called by the officials which was described as an “administrative timeout.” Administrative? What is that? Were they working on payroll and the schedule for the next week?

Then as the clocking was winding down and the Eagles in field goal range, Donovan decided to get cute and it cost the Eagles a chance at three points. Donovan, instead of spiking the ball to stop the clock, tried to trick the Skins and throw a pass to Greg Lewis. The problem was only Donovan knew what the hell was going on! Lewis nor any other Eagle had any idea what Donovan was doing. This list includes his offensive lineman who did not block thinking the ball would be spiked and thus allowed the Skins to rush essentially untouched and thus sack Donovan. Half over. No field goal try.

Impartially Speaking

Man is Joe Theisman impartial or what? He always calls it the way it is, never once letting the fact that he played for the Redskins affect his thinking or opinion. I mean on the Greg Lewis non-catch in the third quarter, he actually waited a full second before letting everyone know that there was no way it was a catch. Thanks Joe for calling it right down the middle. And just think, Joey's gonna be doing Monday Night Football games next year. Yippee!!

Brown Out

In case you haven't noticed, former Sixers coach Larry Brown's New York Knicks are 0-3 to start the season. I know we're all real saddened by this and hope for nothing but the best for LB.

The Bottom Line

Well boys and girls, it would appear we have a major issue. Donovan's last throw was just…I don't know what it was. That whole last series was downright deplorable. Where we go from here is anyone's guess. Fortunately for the Eagles, the NFC allows them to remain in the playoff picture… for now.

Until next time.

Time's yours. Food's mine.







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