"The Morning After "
By Steve Olenski
Dec 5th, 2006

Time's yours. Food's mine


Game 12 - Eagles vs Car

Good morning boys and girls.

A very good win against a quality opponent, something that's been in short supply this year.

Yo! Geritol!

Gotta love Stallone. Man's 60 years old and still making Rocky movies. Sure his face looks an old catcher's mitt and his hair is not all his own, but the man looks good and he is Rocky and will always be Rocky and he's one of our own.

While I cannot wait to see Rocky Balboa , AKA Rocky 6, I am personally waiting for the sequel to Cobra and Rhinestone, but that's just me.

The Santa Clause…

Face it people, we are NEVER going to live down the now nearly 30 year-old story of the time we threw snowballs at Santa Claus and booed him. Of course the media doesn't help things but I thought Jeremy Schapp did a fine job with his piece on the infamous incident.

And after seeing the guy who played Santa that fateful day, I'm not so sure I wouldn't have booed myself. Okay, just kidding.

Up in the booth…

Kudos to ESPNs Mike Tirico for correctly identifying William Penn atop City Hall. Last time Mikey and the boys were in town to do a game, he thought it was Ben Franklin. Still better than Joe Theismann who thought it was Soupy Sales.

And God love Joe Theismann. He referred to Eagles WR Hank Baskett as Hank Bask-ett and for a split-second I couldn't understand how he could make such a mistake but then I remembered ol' Joe used to be called Joe “Theeseman” but changed the pronunciation of his name to Theismann (Thise-man) to coincide with the name of that little statue with the guy holding the football. The one he desperately wanted to win but did not.

He just hasn't been the same since he got divorced from John Davidson. Oh wait a minute, no he was married to that woman from That's Incredible , NOT John Davidson. Cathy Lee Gifford. No, wait that's not right, either…never mind.

Eagles D…

The Eagles Defense did a lot of good things last night like holding the Panthers to JUST 108 yards rushing and they had decent pressure on Jake Delhomme but some things that are cause for consternation:

•  While holding the Panthers to 108 yards rushing is an improvement, they still allowed the Panthers to rush for 4.7 yards per carry. Too high.

•  Tackling. How can something that is so fundamental, something that is preached at every level of football be so hard to master at this level? Chief among the culprits last night was Eagles S Sean Considine who had arguably his worst game as an Eagle. Numerous missed tackles and blown assignments were the norm for #37 last night.

•  On the Panthers first two TDs, catches by Steve Smith and Keyshawn Johnson, the play of the DB was inexplicable.

•  First you had Rod Hood on Steve Smith. The Eagles were in blitz formation meaning Delhomme would not have much time to set and throw yet Rod played a soft coverage and allowed Smith to get inside position on the slant for the score.

•  On Keshawn's TD, Quinton Mikell for some reason (and why was he on Keshawn in the first place?) never turned around to see the pass coming.

Overall the Eagles D was much improved and while a cynic would argue that's not saying much after the last 4 games, far be it for me to be cynical.

The Lido Shuffle…

The Shuffle once again had a tremendous interception, this time to seal the win the Birds End Zone and is having, I think, his finest season.

Paging Dr. Bunkley…

Unconfirmed reports say that Eagles rookie DL Broderick Bunkley did not play last night because he spent the night at the airport because he did not want to miss the team flight again.

Those same unconfirmed reports state that the Eagles didn't bother to send anyone over the Philly International to tell him they were playing at home and there was no team flight.

The Bottom Line…

As previously stated, the Eagles beat a quality team and in the dreck that is the NFC this year, they find themselves smack dab in the middle of the playoff chase.

Next week starts a 3-week journey that will take them on the road to Washington, New York and Dallas, where they will meet TO and the Boys on Christmas Day.

Should be an interesting 3 weeks for sure.

Until next time.

Time's yours. Food's mine.










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