Steve Olenski
Sept 24th 2007

Game 3- Eagles 56, Lions 21,Sept 24, 2007

Apparently the reports of the Eagles demise has been greatly exaggerated. Who knew William Penn was Swedish? There were evidently no mirrors in 1933 and can someone, anyone, please remind Jevon Kearse that it goes snap the ball first AND THEN you rush the QB and NOT the other way around.

The Name's Clair… Clairvoyant

Ok, so I'm not the next Nostradamus BUT I did predict on my BLOG that “IF... the Eagles can get to Kitna, they can AND will win.” I would say 9 sacks and a boatload of hurries & hits constitutes “getting to Kitna” wouldn't you?

Now for my next trick I will perform a complete neurological workup on the brain trust in Houston that made the decision to hire Ed Wade as the next Astros GM. To encapsulate my thoughts on this particular issue — I go to my brother Greg, who, during the course of a fantasy football draft will utter the following two-word phrase in a very ambivalent tone — after someone he deems less than desirous has been selected:

“Take him.”

A Real Hammond Egger…

Where exactly did FOX find sideline reporter Jennifer Hammond? Ok be honest, when you first saw her, you had the same reaction as MQ and I did: Who??!!!

Reporting on the Eagles throwback uniforms (and yes they should “throw them back” but that joke was too easy), Ms. Hammond made reference to the fact that William Penn was of Swedish descent.

Huh? Did I miss that day of school? I thought William Penn was a Quaker born in London ?

I will admit the uniforms did look like the Swedish flag but… somebody help me here. Am I crazy? William Penn. Swedish?

Upon Further Review…

MQ & I were lamenting to each other just how horrific those uniforms and colors looked when suddenly our entire opinions of them changed in an instant. We're still not sure what it was that caused such a sudden shift in our thinking but oddly enough this alternate view occurred exactly at the same moment when an Eagles cheerleader was shown, strangely enough, wearing the exact same colors albeit in a slightly more provocative ensemble.

Imagine the odds of that, huh? Us changing our minds at the precise moment a pretty young girl appeared onscreen.

The odds must be astronomical of these completely unrelated events happening at the exact same time.

Between a Stock & A Hard Place…

You have to love Dick Stockton. As usual, Mr. Visser did not disappoint. My favorite from yesterday was, following a completion from McNabb to Curtis (yeah, we said that a lot yesterday) with about 5:00 to go in the 1Q, Dick chimed in with: “Pass complete to Kevin Curtis, his first catch of the game.”

Ooh, so close Dick so very far away. It was in fact Curtis' THIRD catch of the game. But you were close Dick, you were close.

That's A Real Ball-Dinger…

I like Brian Baldinger. I really do. I think he does his homework in preparing for a game as well as anyone not named Jaworski.

But yesterday I think the ghost of Howard Cossell took over his thoughts for a few minutes.

Not since I heard Howard Cossell proclaim on national TV that Phils reserve infielder Luis Aguayo was “the best young second baseman in baseball” did I hear such ridiculous hyperbole as hearing Baldy heap praise on Eagles CB Josellio Hanson.

Josellio Hanson? Are you kidding me? If the Eagles keep Rod Hood, he is possibly not even on this team. He is a “nice” player but from where I sat, Josellio was beaten often yet saved by poor throws from the running-for-his-life Jon Kitna.

And don't even get me started on Josie's less-than stellar tackling technique.

Is McNabb McBack?…

Was the corner turned during the Fourth Quarter of the Redskins game? Donovan came out and displayed the same command of the field as he did during the last quarter Monday night.

Fantastic play-calling, command in the pocket, the luxury of having a game-breaking running back in Brian Westbrook and a receiver in Kevin Curtis who clearly had a highly communicable disease else how can you explain the Lions unwillingness to cover him?

Kevin Curtis had a career day for sure. He is a very solid NFL receiver. And I am surely not taking anything away from his terrific performance.

But please do not start the “Kevin Curtis is a #1 receiver talk.”

Instead let's consider that this particular Eagles team does not need a #1 receiver to be successful. They've done it before, right?

No Bad Deed Should Go Unpunished…

Did you catch the Lions DE Dewayne White's blatant cheap shot on Donovan McNabb following the Eagles' fourth TD? He delivered a blow to Donovan's back well after the play was over yet no penalty was called and yet not one Eagle player responded on Donovan's behalf. I am not advocating retaliating but… nothing? This is your QB, guys. You have to at least get in White's face and let him know this will not be tolerated, in a very cordial & polite manner of course.

For Better Or Kearse…

You don't think the Eagles cut the wrong veteran defensive player in training camp, do you?

They of course released Jeremiah Trotter, surprising some given his leadership abilities both on the field and off. They kept Jevon Kearse, despite his penchant for injuries and lack of production.

Clearly Trotter had lost quite a bit and it was a difficult decision for Andy Reid to make yet he made it and you have to respect that.

But what exactly did they see in Jevon Kearse that made them think that he had NOT lost quite a bit, too?

After yet another offside penalty yesterday, Big Red had had enough and yanked Kearse from the field.

And for the record, Jevon Kearse was not credited with one single tackle.

Not that anyone's counting.

You Wanna Run That By Me Again…

Near the end of the game, Lions DT Langston Moore was penalized for Delay of Game. But, Referee Gene Steratore did NOT relay it that way to us .

No, Gene told us the reason for the penalty was “#79's ( Moore ) actions were not football actions.”

I haven't heard such a peculiar description of a penalty from a referee since Ben Dreith, in a 1986 game between the Jets & the Bills, announced to the crowd: “Personal foul, number 99 of the defense, after tackling the quarterback, was giving him the business down there.”

Special Is A Misnomer…

From the Correll Buckhalter “Should I Stay or Should I Go” near debacle to the pathetic 41.7 net yard average by Sav Rocca to the equally pathetic 25 yard average kickoff return by the Lions, the Eagles Special Teams remain anything but special.

But there a few times when I thought Reno was going to break one… for 5 more yards that is.

The Bottom Line…

An obviously very impressive win against a team that came in with hopes and aspirations of going 3-0 for the first time since 1980. The Lions clearly are a team that will win on offense and will ask their defense to just keep them in games, which they were not able to do yesterday.

But a win is a win and this one was much needed

Next up the G-Men in the Meadowlands on Sunday night. They are coming off their first win too after beating the Redskins.

This is another team the Eagles SHOULD beat.

We'll see.

‘Til next time.

Time's yours. Food's mine.

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