Steve Olenski
Oct 15th 2007

Game 5- Eagles 16 Jets 9

"The most important thing is that we won the game. It's nice to look up at the scoreboard and see you got a win." That was one of Donovan McNabb's post game comments and while it's always important to get the W, there is of course much more to the story.

And while we're at it and surely I can't assume the context in which #5 made his remarks having not been in attendance when he made them, his words sound almost accepting in a way, don't they? It's as if he's saying ‘I know we played pretty bad but the most important thing is that we won the game.'

Do you think that's what he was trying to say? I sure hope so because they (Eagles) did in fact play pretty bad. And I feel fairly confident saying tape of this game will not be heading to Canton any time soon.

Some other obvious and not so obvious observations from yesterday's game…

•  All weeklong we heard how poor the Jets were, especially their Run Offense. So naturally what happens on their very first play from scrimmage? Thomas Jones runs for 36 yards. The Jets ended up rushing for 55 yards on their opening drive and I had visions of last year's porous Eagles Run Defense dancing through my head.

•  The Eagles Not So Special Teams were on display again. Yes Reno Mahe had a nice punt return but did anyone, ANYONE think for one second we were looking at a Devin Hester-type return? Of course not. The Eagles coverage teams allowed 112 yards on three kickoffs. Sorry. That is not getting it done. And guess whose coming to dinner next week? You got it. The Chicago Bears and Devin Hester.

•  Why does it appear sometimes as if it's 1999 all over again and Donovan McNabb is a rookie? His decision making — holding onto the ball too long & throwing into coverage — are reminiscent of a first year player and NOT of someone playing in their ninth NFL season. Is it ALL because of his knee and uncertainty surrounding it?

•  FOX fill in play-by-play man (Dick Stockton is normally part of this 3-man crew) Matt Vasgersian needs to watch Disney's High School Musical . Why do I say this? Because the main theme to HSM is “Get your head in the game” and I don't know where Matt's head was yesterday but I do know where it wasn't: In the game. Time and again he blew calls and incredibly referred to Brian Westbrook as Michael at one point. He quickly corrected himself but c'cmon Matt. Michael Westbrook has not been in the league for years now. Get like Troy and the others and get your head in the game!

•  Major cheap shot by FOX when they displayed David Akers' stats and flashed onscreen “wwaaaaayyy wide right” in reference to one of his two missed FG.

•  In case you missed it, and quite frankly how could you, yesterday was the Pulaski Day Parade in Philly. Yes it was going on at the same time as the Eagles game and no I did not honor my Polish heritage by attending. And no, there is no truth to the rumor that the paraders marched backwards, either.

•  The Moose & the Goose were strangely, um well… pretty darn good. Insightful at times. Comical at others. Maybe it was because Richie Stockton wasn't there to bring them down. Of course they did have to carry that Vasgersian guy. Didn't he used to do XFL games come to think of it?

•  How scary are the New England Patriots? And how blatantly obvious is that the AFC is light years ahead of the NFC?

The Bottom Line, to paraphrase Donovan, is they won the game. And fortunately for the Eagles and their fans, they play in the National Football Conference and NOT the American Football Conference. And as such are still very much in the playoff picture. That's saying quite a bit considering how poorly they have played thus far.

And lastly, I have to give a TMA game ball to my daughter Samantha. She'll be eight in 5 days and on Thursday she sustained a broken collarbone in a schoolyard accident. Displaying the toughness of her… mother (no not me for sure) the kid “played hurt” the entire ‘second half' of the school day, not even bothering to tell the teacher she was hurt. Hey, what can I say? The kid's tough.

‘Til next time.

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