Steve Olenski
Oct 22nd 2007

Game 6- Bears 18 Eagles 16

There are enough things to talk about when it comes to yesterday's football “game” between the Eagles & Bears. I say “game” because the word game by definition implies a competitive activity of some sort. And anyone with two eyes could clearly see that that was anything but a competitive activity as much as it was a sleepwalk, a football filibuster if you will, save for the final five minutes.

Just so there's no gray area whatsoever, these are two dreadful teams whose offenses are well… offensive.

But instead of focusing on the Eagles completely and utter ineptitude in the Red Zone.

Or on their seemingly uncanny knack for committing untimely penalties. See: Celek, Brent & Herremans, Todd for Exhibits A & B over the last 2 weeks.

Or on their nearly non-existent pass rush. Yes they had a few sacks but for the most part, the cement-shoed Brian Griese had time to spare.

Or on their decision to play my-most-loathed defense ever, the prevent. Has this defense EVER worked in the history or professional football?

Or on Brian Baldinger's not knowing the difference between the word “incumbent” and “incoming.”

Or his sharing of his anatomical prowess when he told us the shinbone is part of the leg – who knew?

Or on the simply horrific job by the officials, including the criminal holding call on Will James in the 3Q and the multiple holding calls NOT called against the Bears OL, which may help explain why the Birds' pass rush was non-existent come to think of it.

Or on the fact that I think this Eagles season and perhaps the Andy Reid may be coming to a close right before our eyes. I heard Glenn Foley of SportsRadio 950 say that if the Eagles lost this game, then the Reid Era may be over. And it had nothing to do with Andy as a coach, clearly his record speaks for itself, but rather on the fact that he (Reid) cannot continue to give this team the attention it needs AND deal with all the off the field issues he is dealing with right now.

No, I am going to focus on what happened PRIOR to this season.

Let me tell you a quick story.

There was a team, we'll call them Team A. And there was another team, we'll call them Team B.

Team A was coming off a loss in the Conference Championship Game. They were also coming off winning 3 of the past 6 Super Bowls.

Now Team B was coming off a loss in the Conference semifinals. They were also coming off appearing in 4 of the last 6 Conference Title Games, having just one Super Bowl appearance to show for it, which they lost. Now to speak to Team B's owner and coach, one would get the impression that it was they and NOT Team A that was the “gold standard” of the league. It is this delusional thinking that has Team B's fans constantly scratching their collective heads.

Regardless, if either of these teams were to possess a hunger, a true sense of urgency, it would be Team B, yes? They would surely have the willingness to go out and get the parts they needed to get them back to the Super Bowl and win.

On the other hand, Team A had won not 1… but 3 Super Bowls. If anyone could rest on any laurels, it was them, right? I mean they didn't have anything to prove to anyone, right? They could simply live off their past successes and no one would raise an eyebrow.

Well after 7 weeks of the 2007-08 season, Team A sits at 7-0 on their way to possible immortality, largely on the strength of the pieces they went out and got in the off season – despite the fact that they could have easily sat back and added a minor piece here and there,

By contrast, Team B sits at 2-4 on their way to watching the playoffs at home, due in large part to the lack of pieces – quality pieces – they added in the same off season.

So how do you explain this disparity in approaches by these two teams? In a word: arrogance. The dictionary defines it thusly: an offensive display of superiority or self-importance.

“We can put anyone back to return kicks and still win.”

“We can put anyone at wide receiver and still win.”

“We don't need to keep a Donte Stallworth or add any ‘true' game breaking threats.”

Which of the two teams do you think I'm referring to?

And lastly, I know Pats Coach Bill Bellichick is the epitome of arrogance. But guess what? He can afford to be! When you win 3 Super Bowls, you can pretty much do whatever the hell you want to.

‘Til next time.

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