Steve Olenski
Oct 28th 2007

Game 7- Eagles 23 Vikings 16

Well it was quite a 3-day stretch for yours truly. On Friday, I turned six… in dog years. Some may say I have the temperament and demeanor of a six-year old, too. But that's another story entirely.

The next day saw an occasion to bring all five Olenski boys to one place, in this case my nephew Nick's wedding. Anytime you bring the brothers Olenski together there are two things that are guaranteed to happen: The discussion, debate and sometimes bloodshed when it comes to the subject of sports. And the gross consumption of any and all food-related items in a 3-mile radius.

Since I was working the tag-team parent role with my wife, I was unable to partake in two of my brothers' absolutely brilliant culinary reconnaissance mission. Setting up their stronghold directly in the path between the kitchen and dining area, my brothers Michael & Mark ambushed all unsuspecting servers, thereby savoring & sampling the delicacies before all others. It was like watching an old war movie where a bridge gets blown up and the munitions train is seized. I tell you it was sheer genius.

And then yesterday of course saw the Eagles beat a pretty awful Vikings team. Awful may be a bit harsh in describing our old pal Brad Childress' team, but until they get an actual, NFL-caliber QB, awful may be the apt word indeed.

Let's jump right in…

London Calling…

I can only assume that EVERY 1:00 NFL game was delayed so the entire country could witness the kickoff of the Giants/Fish game from London ? I realize it was the first regular-season NFL game played outside North America . But did we ALL need to see the kickoff? Was it supposed to make us all feel patriotic or something? I know NFL Commish Roger Goodell wants to go global with the NFL and all but I don't understand why we needed to see the kickoff? The game was in London . As in England . As in outside the U.S. We get it. We didn't need to see it.

Lock, Stock & Baldy…

Overall Dick Stockton does a pretty decent job but he's always good for a few ‘what did he just say?' kind of lines. As usual he did not disappoint. Speaking about the Eagles calling timeout, which by the way came on the THIRD PLAY OF THE GAME, Dick told us that it was a good thing the Eagles did call timeout when they did because “the Shot Clock was winding down.” I think Donovan McNabb was about to be called for Three Seconds, too.

Later in the game, Dick referred to the Rams as the “draggled” Rams. That one sent me straight to Mr. Webster cause that was a new one on me.

Draggled, adjective: limp and soiled as if dragged in the mud; "the beggar's draggled clothes"

At 0-8 I think we can safely say the Rams have soiled themselves. So good choice of words, Dick.

As for Baldy, he had the Howard Cosell hyperbole on hyper drive yesterday. It seemed like whomever made a tackle, caught a pass, ran with the ball… was the greatest, bestest, most amazing player to ever walk the face of this planet in the history of planets. Brian, lighten up on the praise big guy.

One last thing on the FOX telecast, and this is nothing against Mssrs. Stockton or Baldinger. At one point they flashed a graphic onscreen listing the top running back tandems in the NFL and for the Cowboys they listed J. Jones/R. Barber. Obviously it should have been M. Barber as in Marion . Not sure if anyone else caught that. Not sure why I did come to think of it.

Get Smart…

Fans of the classic 60s spy spoof will recall that the two forces battling every week were CONTROL & KAOS.

Well at times yesterday it seemed the Eagles were working for KAOS as they clearly were not in CONTROL, taking some very ill-advised penalties. From the two defensive penalties on the Vikings TD drive to the brain-dead, moronic, ignoramus play by Matt McCoy, the Eagles lack of discipline was glaringly painful. As for McCoy, it was great to see Brian Dawkins get in his ear, I can only imagine what his head coach had to say to him in the other ear. Maybe something along the lines of “be sure to stay in touch.”

Hand Aids…

Two simply amazing catches by Reggie Brown and Kevin Curtis along the right & left sidelines, respectively. Amazing what can happen when a QB has confidence in his receivers isn't it?

Dewey, Cheatum & Howe…

I'm sorry but every time I hear the name Brooks Bollinger I think of a law firm.

“Do you need a lawyer who will fight for your rights? Then call the law firm of Brooks, Bollinger & Igwebuike today.”

Or it sounds like the name of a porno star in the true Buck Naked tradition.

Or even the name of a musical group from the 70s.

“Hey, did you hear Brooks Bollinger is playing at the Keswick this weekend? Yeah, they're gonna be there with Mungo Jerry and Paper Lace. It's gonna be awesome!”

Save the Date…

You know how when the subject of JFK's assassination or landing on the moon or September 11 th comes up — the discussion invariably gets to people telling what they were doing and where they were when these historical events transpired?

Well yesterday saw another chapter added to that list of significant events in our history. For the record, at the 4:14 mark of the Fourth Quarter on the twenty-eight day of October in the year 2007 of the modern Gregorian calendar, I was seated in my normal location, directly to the left of M. Quinlan.

Years from now I can tell my grandchildren, “that's where granddad was the day Jevon Kearse registered a sack.”

They of course will not believe me and who can blame them but I will assure them that yes, your grandfather saw it with his own two eyes. And he still doesn't believe it really happened.

‘Til next time.

As always, time's yours, food's mine.

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