Steve Olenski
Sept 16 th 2008

2008 Game 2... Cowboys 41 Eagles 37

Morning campers… I don't know about you but I for one am quite groggy after last night. But if you think I'm tired, you should see the poor cameraman who had to follow Jerry Jones around all night. I mean it takes a lot out of a person to lug a heavy camera around just to show the erstwhile Cowboys owner 57 times in one football game.

And away we go…

My Cousin Vinny, er Jacqui…

Have to start off this week's TMA by giving props to my cousin Jacqui. Was at my mother's birthday party this past Saturday… Happy Birthday Mom! And I'm not in the door 2 minutes when my cousin comes over to me and says ‘You know I am soooo tired of hearing Donovan McNabb say how much fun he's having. I don't really care. I don't want fun. I want a championship.'

Now how can you not immediately love this woman? Not only does she tell it like it is when it comes to the Eagles, she's also a hhuuuggee Seinfeld devotee. No wonder we're related.

Korn To Be Wild…

I used to like MNF analyst Tony Kornheiser, I really did. But after last night and his incessant raving about the Cowboys… I understand he had to play foil to Jaws' Eagles plumage but… the only thing Tony didn't do was rattle off a “How ‘bout dem Cowboys!” … oh wait, he did do that at the end of the game.

Pre Game High Jinx…

Did you catch the crowd booing the singer upon her completing the Luther Vandross version of the National Anthem? I would have booed to if I were there. But why do I think the reaction by the ESPN crew would have been different if this had been in Philly and the Eagles fans booed the singer?

And I didn't see the paper today but did a state secede from the union? At one point, ESPN flashed a map of the US that was color coded to reflect how fans from each stated voted online as to who they thought would win and the count was 47-2 in favor of the Cowboys with PA & DE as the only ones for the Eagles. But looking at my handy abacus I see that 47 plus 2 equals 49 and I'm pretty sure there are 50 states, unless George W. gave one away while I wasn't looking.

Premature Excitation…

Perhaps my favorite part of the whole DeSean Jackson TD-that-wasn't fiasco was hearing ESPN's Mike Tirico refer to as a “near boneheaded play.” I assume Mike referred to it that way only because the Eagles ended up scoring anyway BUT… c'mon Mike. It WAS a boneheaded play!!! Are you kidding me?? Just because DeSean got DeSaved by Brian Westbrook does not excuse this simply brain-dead, cocky play that, had the Cowboys recovered the “fumble” would have been disastrous.

But perhaps the two most upset and downright pissed off people in the country may have been my two brothers Joe and Michael. Why? They co-own a fantasy team and Donovan is their QB and DeSean is one of their WRs. I feel your pain my brothers.

Last thing on DeSean… Why did Big Red not challenge the fumble by DJ that was ruled incomplete in the 1Q? Hank Baskett eventually recovered the ball in the End Zone for what would have been a TD. To me it looked like DJ had the ball, made a “football-related move” and then fumbled.

Zebra 3, Come In Zebra 3…

Points if you knew that was the call letters for the car used by Starsky & Hutch. But in this context I am referring to the zebras, AKA the guys in the stripes, AKA the officials.

Again some simply horrific calls…

•  On the Felix Jones kick return TD, the Eagles' JR Reed was clearly held but no flag was thrown; course that may not have made much of a difference cause not since Moses parted the Red Sea has there ever been such a wide gap opened

•  In the 1Q, Brian Westbrook's facemask was completely turned around, yet no call was made

•  Bad calls went both ways as the Pass Interference call that Greg Lewis induced was clearly a bad call

•  The Unsportsman Like Conduct call on Trent Cole who bowled over the Cowboys backup TE Tony Curtis after he moved early. You see that same play every single game and it's never called. But then again, this was Dallas and JJ was looming…


It's quite obvious that Donovan McNabb is healthy for the first time in years. We saw some vintage escape acts last night for sure. Unfortunately we also saw the same old Donovan make simply bad decisions and bad throws, especially late in the game.


On the Eagles 2 nd to last series, he overthrew Westbrook on a key Third Down pass. And of course his decision to NOT throw the ball away on the Eagles' last series was… well it was something we've all seen before.

With #5 you take the good with the bad. Of course we can say that about all QBs not named Brady, can't we?

The Lito Shuffle…

You know you're going good when you don't even start and you're still finding ways to screw up. On TO's first touchdown, what exactly were he and that other stiff Sean Considine thinking?

And speaking of TO, what in the world was Jim Johnson thinking by asking Brian Dawkins to cover TO down near the End Zone? TO of course beat Dawk easily and scored his second touchdown.

Overall I think Jim Johnson had one of his poorer games in terms of adjusting and scheming. In the early part of the game, Eagles' Safety Quinton Mikell was assigned to cover Cowboys All-Pro Tight End Jason Witten and he did a fine job. Yet for some reason, JJ had either a LB (Stewart Bradley) or Dawkins try to cover him one on one and they were beaten, repeatedly.

And someone needs to explain to me why Asante Samuel did not shadow the TO the entire game.

Silence Is Golden…

Was it me or did it seem like between every single play ESPN was either flashing a stat, highlight or Jaws was dissecting the footwork of everyone from Tony Romo to Gene Gene the Dancing Machine?

A little silence is golden from time to time, boys…

Overactive Ladder…

For the love of all things Holy what was that last offensive play the Eagles' ran? The hook and ladder? They would have been better off with Chutes and ladder for chrissakes.

That's the best they can do? Did LJ Smith play last night? Was he available to run down the field for 17 yards perhaps?

The Bottom Line…

It was of course a very entertaining game and if you're one of those Moral Victory types, be my guest. But come the end of the year if the Eagles are not in the playoffs, that Moral Victory and five bucks will buy you a small latte at Starbucks… maybe.

Til next time.

Time's yours. Food's mine.

Steve Olenski





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