Steve Olenski
Sept 29 2008

2008 Game 24...Bears24 Eagles 20

Someone once said “Opportunities are never lost; someone will take the one you miss.” Well last night the Chicago Bears gladly took the opportunities the Eagles missed and walked away with a truly improbably victory.

I've said it before and I will keep saying it: to be a fan of the Philadelphia Eagles, you have to be prepared to have your heart broken, often in a very agonizing and frustrating manner.

And away we go…

The Hunt For Red October…

Not only one of my all time favorite flicks, it also ties in nicely to the red pinstripes worn by the Fightins. Hey, I had to start off with some good news, didn't I?

Pre Game High Jinx…

•  Who says sideline reporters don't contribute anything of value to a game? Why if it weren't for Andrea Kremer asking Bears LB Brian Urlacher “Brian, the last two weeks you haven't been able to finish out games, what do you need to do this week?” we would have never heard Urlacher's astonishing reply: “Um we need to play better.”

•  On the way down to Casa de Quinlan, I was listening to the pre-game show on 94.1/WYSP, with someone named Kevin Riley serving as the host. At one point the panel got around to discussing the significance of not having Brian Westbrook available to play. Ol' Kev chimed in saying he thinks B-West can one day amass 1,000 yards rushing and receiving in the same season if he could ever stay healthy for 16 games. He then told the listening audience that this feat had never been done before in the NFL. Oops. Sorry Kev, but it has… twice. Do you know by whom? Answer is below.

Kiss the Shea Goodbye…

How's that old song go? “Kiss the day goodbye and point me toward tomorrow…” Somehow the loss by the Eagles was tempered by the fact that the New York Mets choked again, once again in grand fashion. Needing a win to stay tied with the Brewers for the NL Wild Card and playing the last game at Shea Stadium, they're home for the past whatever number of years, they lost and thus were eliminated from the playoffs on the last day of the season for the second straight year.

So as we sulk in the aftermath of an Eagles loss, we can take solace in the fact that the freaking New York Mets will once again be home in October.

Stats Incredible…

Did you all catch the stat NBC threw at us during the game? The one which showed Donovan McNabb and Andy Reid have the same number of wins together as Joe Montana and Bill Walsh. Gee that is impressive. But wait, wasn't something missing? Oh yeah, the fact the Montana and Walsh won the Super Bowl… THREE TIMES! Ok, it's a minor stat to leave out. I'm just too damn nitpicky is all.

Not So Green Akers

Love the guy and he's been as automatic as all get out but over the last season plus, he's been downright dreadful from 40 yards and over including the two misses last night?

Does anyone have Ali Haji-Sheik's number?

Rapid Fire…

It's late and Mr. Sandman is knocking on my door, so let's do some quick hits to close this puppy out

•  DeSean Jackson is a rookie. And rookies make mistakes. Just wanted to remind everyone of that.

•  Bears QB Kyle Orton did some nice things but… how bad must Rex Grossman be to get beat out by him?

•  The Shuffle saw some action again last night and if Devin Hester could hold onto the ball, he would have been beaten, badly, for a TD

•  More bad calls by the Zebras, two involving holding and Eagles LB Chris Gocong. He was clearly held on two plays: A screen pass in the 2Q and on the Hester's long kickoff return following Akers' first FG.

•  Al Michaels twice used the word “bane” in describing the Eagles' Special Teams. I've been on this Earth for nearly 43 years and I have never used the word bane once.

•  Eagles S Quintin Mikell will not enjoy watching the game film from the First Half.

•  When asked in his post-game press conference why he did not try a QB sneak at the end of the game, Andy Reid said his QB was “a little bruised” so he didn't want to try that particular play. Altogether now… ARE YOU KIDDING ME???!!! Ok, so you don't want to try to sneak your 250-lb QB from a yard out but you will try running your little used “fullback” Tony Hunt? I know, I know… we're just fans, we don't know as much about the game as they do.

The Bottom Line…

With 5:40 left on the clock, the Eagles, down 4 points, had the ball at the Bears 4 yard line, first and goal. The next 3 plays saw them gain a grand total of 3 yards, all runs, including the aforementioned peculiar call to Tony Hunt. On Fourth Down, they once again run the ball and of course were stopped for no gain. When you watch the replay, you'll notice the key missed block came courteous of Eagles TE Matt Schoebel, who if he had even impeded the Bears player's progress for just a second, may have allowed Buckhalter time to get some momentum.

The bottom line of course is when you have three cracks to get one yard and fail, you deserve to lose. Period.

Til next time.

Time's yours. Food's mine.

Wait! Almost forgot… Roger Craig and Marshall Faulk are the only two players in history to gain 1000 yards rushing and 1000 yards receiving in the same season.

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