Steve Olenski
Oct 7 2008

2008 Game 5- Wash 23 Eagles 17

In what was surely one of the most bittersweet days for Philly sports fans in recent memory, we saw one team doing exactly what was expected of them while another continued their slide to mediocrity, again.

The only way to truly capture the surrealistic nature of the day, I thought it best to touch on the highlights, lowlights and otherwise bizarre goings on in chronological order. Needless to say the LAST/PREV button on remote controls near and far got a workout today.

1:01PM – in what surely costs gobs of trump, the makers of the new James Bond film, “Quantum of Solace,” bought some prime advertising real estate – right before the kickoff – and with an onscreen countdown clock no less. Who knew how prophetic that title would turn out to be as at least we could take our solace with pinstripes?

1:03PM – MQ throws me a curve ball that drops off the freaking table. “Would you trade Chase Utley for David Wright straight up?' Wow! Great question. And this is way before CU goes all PU on us, again. Wright is younger, offensively they are pretty close and defensively Wright is much better. And the Mets do need to shake things up. Hmmmmm… Never happen but man that is an intriguing query MQ threw at me.

1:06PM – Troy Aikman calls Eagles backup guard Max Jean-Gilles “GI-Els.” Troy , c'mon, you've been doing this long enough. You always check and double check pronunciations before every game.

1:09PM – Jimmy Rollins goes yard, staking Big Boy Blanton to an early 1-0 lead.

1:12PM – Brian Westbrook goes yard, staking Round Man Reid to an early 7-0 lead.

1:15PM – I commandeer the remote and do my late father proud and switch to the Pulaski Day Parade. Reports that the parade actually went backwards are totally farcical.

1:20PM – DeSean Jackson goes 68 yards on a punt return, Eagles up 14-0 and there's talk of a blowout emanating from the booth.

1:31PM – Troy Aikman wonders aloud as to why the Eagles would give Brian Westbrook so much money in the offseason? He even went so far as to refer to Westbrook as “terrific.” Whoa, easy on the superlatives there big fella. He then changed his opinion of Westbrook to “great” but by then the damage was done.

1: 39PM – Former, er… current Eagles K David Akers misses from 50. Memo To DA: Staples has great deals on moving and packing labels, just in case you knew anyone who was moving soon.

2:03PM – Pat Burrell goes yard, 3-run job, Phils up 4-0. Why isn't Dale Sveum taking out Jeff Soup Can? Sveum has to treat this like it's game 7, no tomorrow, he should not leave him in to face…

2:04PM – Jayson Werth hits the f'ing bratwurst out the ball, Phils 5, Brew Crew 0.

2:19PM – Previews for a new movie, Feast II, Sloppy Seconds , comes onscreen. You know, if they were ever to go make a movie about anytime my brothers and I get together where there's any food involved…

2:34PM – Duante Culpepper, er CC Sabathia pinch hits. Have things become that desperate for the Brewers? Where's Ben Ogilvie or Cecil Cooper when you need them?


•  28/394/2/4 – What does all that mean? In five games, the opposing tight ends have amassed 28 catches for 394 yards and 2 touchdowns and in 4 of the 5 games, the opposing TE has been his team's leading receiver. I realize the Eagles linebackers are young and learning but this to me looks like a trend, does it not? A trend as in why hasn't Jim Johnson adjusted?

2:37PM – Troy Aikman, thinking aloud that the Eagles should play a little hurry up offense, says the Eagles should go to a “sugar huddle.” This immediately reminded me of possibly the strangest thing I have ever heard an announcer say in a sporting event. It was in the early 80s and MQ and I were watching the MLB All Star Game. The National League was in the middle of rally when NBC baseball analyst Joe Garagiola announced to the viewing audience that this was “a Halloween inning.” To this day, MQ and I have no clue as to what he meant by that and it's really neither here nor there but I thought I'd share that with you. And if anyone knows what “sugar huddle” means, help a brother out.

2:58PM – The Redskins go ahead for good as Skins TE Chris Cooley catches a pass thrown by Skins WR Antwaan Randel El. Eagles LB Stewart Bradley had himself a real nice view of the whole play… from behind. And for some godforsaken reason Andy Reid decides to challenge this play. Ok, so stay with me here. Last week, when it was obvious to the whole free world that they should have challenged at least two plays , they do not. Yet this week, when it was obvious to the whole free world that they should have NOT challenged, they do.

3:24PM – I start writing down words like “pathetic,” “deplorable,” and “inept” to describe the Eagles offense these past 2+ games.

4:01PM – The Brewers' Jason Kendall grounds out to end the game, meanwhile back at The Linc the Eagles' game is not “officially” over but all that's left are some kneel downs.

Here's where we're at, kids…

This team, the Eagles that is, is essentially staring at another lost season. Too early to panic you say? Hogwash. They now sit 2-3 with 2 divisional losses (3 conference losses). They are fully entrenched in the NFC East cellar, again.

Think about it this way: While the rest of the NFC was rebuilding, the Eagles were winning the division on a regular basis. All was well in the Eagleland.

Now, the rest of the division has caught up and lapped the Birds and here we sit with Big Red still on the throne droning on the same way he does after every loss.

“I need to put our guys in better position… it's my responsibility.” You are so right, coach. You are so right. It IS your responsibility and you are the one who needs to take the hit for it. Of course no one knows what the future holds for the Eagles but IF they do not make the playoffs again… well Big Red should go shopping with David Akers for some packing and moving supplies. Maybe they can get a two for one sale.

As always, time's yours. Food's mine.

‘Til next time.

Steve Olenski







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