Steve Olenski
Oct 13 2008

2008 Game 6- Eagles 40 SF 26


Former Eagles LB and current WYSP pre game co-host Bill Bergey said the Eagles need to go for the "juggler" vein to beat the Niners. Next  game I like the Bearded Lady approach myself.


What is going on with head coaches these days and the Challenge flags? Over the past few weeks, we've seen Andy Reid not challenge plays he should then turn around and challenge plays he should not. Today Niners coach Mike Nolan picked up where Big red left off.

  • Nolan challenged a DeSean Jackson reception and then a David Akers FG which was not a challenge-able offense to begin with!
  • BUT he (Nolan) doesn't challenge reception by Hank Baskett that clearly was dropped


I like the DirecTV spots that feature re-enacted scenes from famous movies featuring the same lead actor (Sigourney Weaver in Aliens for one) but the one I saw yesterday was in poor taste. It was a renactment of the movie Poltergeist featuring the classic line "they're here..." Problem is the little girl who said the line, died when she was just 12 years old. To the ad guys who created this spot and/or the DirecTV suits who signed off it. Shame on you.


Let's hope Fox analyst Tim Ryan has better luck at pronouncing names NEXT game cause he had his issues, referring to the Eagles Assistant Coach/Offense as Marty "Morn-Hen-Whig." C'mon Timmy, Marty Morningwheg has been around for a long time, you should know how to pronounce his name.


Let's see, last year it was the kick returners. This year it appears to be the fullback position. What am I referring to? Easy. The position that Andy Reid, et al, deems to be so unimportant that they can plug anyone in and all will be well. This is nothing against Dan Klecko but are you kidding me? It's insulting to any fan with half a brain to try and sell us on kind of charade.


Terrible kick coverage for the most part and a complete breakdown on the Niners' blocked FG turned touchdown. At least David Akers got a reprieve, for one more game at least.


Yes another week, another RB gains more than 100 yards. Yes another where week where the opposing TE goes off (6/75). But here's all you need to know. On 5 possessions in the Fourth Quarter, the Niners ran 14 plays and gained a grand total of 2 net yards.


A win is a win is a win. The Redskins lost. The Cowboys lost. Man, this is one strange league.

As always, time's yours. Food's mine.

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