Steve Olenski
Oct 28 2008

2008 Game 7- Eagles 24 SF 14

As you'll hear on my audio sound byte, the beginning of this Eagles games saw my excitement level somewhat tempered by the fact that the Phils are now 2 games away from nirvana. But it did not take long for my green blood to start boiling.

It's 6:00PM EST , my ADD is at an all time high as I count down til Game 4, so I think I will go rapid fire then get my Phils underwear on…

•  Over the years, my brother Michael, has shown the penchant for interjecting some very timely and provocative thoughts and queries about the Eagles… and he's done it again. He emailed me the other day with this intriguing cogitation: Exactly how good are the Eagles when 2 of their 3 wins have come against teams who have already fired their head coaches (Rams and 49ers)? I tell you if I didn't know we were related I would demand an DNA test cause that's the kind of pure brilliance and insightful pondering I pride myself on… ok, a little too much? Hey, it's my birthday (10/26) so forgive me for a little self-aggrandizement, as it were, at least it's better than the “self-scouting” the Eagles did during their bye week according to Fox analyst Tim Ryan, More on that later.

Back to my bro's query/thought… it is something to think about, is it not? I realize the Eagles can only play the teams they are scheduled to play but…

•  Ok, forget later, let me get my Tim Ryan rant over and done with. Aside from the “self-scouting” thing – which by the way my four-year old son is doing a lot of these days if you catch my drift – Tim had a problem pronouncing Eagles Offensive Coordinator Marty Morninwheg, referring to him as Morn-Hen-Wheg on more than one occasion. It's not like MM is new to this game, c'mon Tim, you should know how to say his name and if not, someone in the truck should be in your ear the first time you say it wrong to make sure it doesn't happen again, unless of course the guys in the truck don't know. Ray also uttered the word “grill” at least twice as in players getting in each other's grills. Easy on the pigskin lingo there, Timmy.

•  Two worst calls of the day? Easy. First Half, the brutally bad Roughing the Passer call on Trent Cole. Hello Mr. Official, have we met? I'm a football game, things can get pretty rough in my game. This ain't the ballet. The other bad call was of course the one that ultimately sealed the win for the Eagles and that was the phantom Muffed Punt call late in the 4Q. It took Sav Rocca off the hook for sure as it was a very bad punt and we will surely take it and run but… it was a simply horrific call.

•  So the new DirecTV features Christie Brinkley reprising her role as “The Girl in the Ferrari: as she's credited on IMDB. The spot is ok but here's the one I can't wait to see:

(Fade in on an Army barracks)
Psycho: The name's Francis Soyer, but everybody calls me Psycho. Any of you guys call me Francis, and I'll kill you.

Leon : Ooooooh.

Psycho: You just made the list, buddy. (turns to the camera) And you'll make the list too if you don't sign up for DirecTV…

That's gold Jerry, gold!

•  We can all stop looking at sides of milk cartons for the QB draw/keeper/any play that involves #5 running with the ball. Altogether now…. WHERE HAS THAT BEEN ALL YEAR??!!!

•  My turn for a provocative thought/query: What if they had a football game and Reggie Brown didn't play. Would anyone notice? Would anyone care? It was great to see him smiling on the sidelines though, wasn't it? As long as you're happy Reg…

•  As much as it pains me, and I have a sharp, shooting pain in my lower GI area just thinking about it, I must give props to The Shuffle. It was a bad Pass Interference call on him in the 3Q and he made a great interception just a few plays later, denying the Falcons the chance to score at a key point in the game. Ok, I've said enough, if I am any nicer to Lito, my head will explode.

•  Ok so stay with me and maybe you can help me understand this. A member of the opposing team takes a blatant cheap shot at a member of your team and you decide it's a good time to console… the hitter and NOT the hittee? Did you catch this? After Falcons' S Lawyer Miilloy viciously laid out LJ Smith and he lay on the field in obvious duress, there was #5 patting Milloy on his helmet as if to say, ‘there, there… it's not that bad, you didn't meant to hit him that hard.' ARE YOU KIDDING ME??!!!! Jeezus Donovan, before you go extending the olive branch, you may want to first make sure you're not extending it to the guy who cut the branch down in the first place!

•  One yard. Nine feet. 108 inches. On two occasions, this was all that was needed by the Eagles Offense. And twice they failed, once costing them a touchdown, another a first down at a very important juncture in the game. Clearly they needed to do a little more self-scouting.

•  If the NFL were a car builder, their 2008-09 version would be called the Mediocre . Not so good, not so bad, kind of menza-menz. So we'll take the W and move on…

As always, time's yours. Food's mine.

‘Til next time.

Steve Olenski








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