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The Master Marionette named Andy

Do you ever notice how frustrated the Philadelphia media gets with Andy Reid? They complain about his news conferences. They complain about his interviews. They complain when he is politically correct. They complain. Complain. Complain. He never gives them what they want. He never answers their questions. He never tells the truth. Complain. Complain. Complain.

But catch Andy talking to New York's WFAN radio personalities and he is funny, gracious and very informative. On his own radio show, with the fans, the same thing. So what is going on?

He talks to the Philadelphia media all the time. Why aren't they satisfied when he says to them that he likes his Receiving Corps? That the Eagle offense spreads the ball to many receivers so one big name receiver is less important in the Eagles offense. Why are they so up in arms when he puts on his GM hat and has no comments about negotiations? Or he says he is not interested in an available free agent on the market? And why is he "nicer" to everyone else other than the Philadelphia media?

Because he is a Master at the game they play and the media just doesn't get it. The Master Marionette just pulls his strings and they jump to hear what he has to say. He pulls it to the left and they scramble for a small piece of information. Cat and Mouse. But Andy is the Master and the media doesn't even realize what is going on. The media wants to stir up controversy for the 24/7 365 day a year insatiable need for ratings.

But the Master tells them when he'll talk, how much and on his terms. And no controversy for you today. So the media just goes back to complaining and await the next dance that Andy wants to stage.

It is a pleasure to watch.




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