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The Answer man? Michael Jack

Asked about Burrell's slump and he offered 30 minutes of comments. Read Randy Miller's article in the Intelligencer and you get some insights in the mind that is Michael Jack Schmidt. He can save Pat for the horrors of his slump. Listen to Mike and he'll straighten Pat out. More Maalox please.

Stop it Mike! Go back to Florida and leave Pat alone. He'll work through this and come out just fine. Wasn't the time you spent with him in Spring training enough? Didn't he take enough notes for you ?

Bowa needs to get MJ to stop interfering with the Phillies and stop offering his expertise. I was never a fan when he played here and I only dislike him more now. I wonder if MJ has a certain resentment to Bowa's position as manager? Bowa was just a scrappy 220 hitter while MJ is a Hall of Fame player. Shouldn't MJ be a manager? Not here.

And Bowa needs to stop him from tampering with his players. Un-invite him before he causes any more problems. He wants your job.

Mike, if Pat needs any answers all he has to do is lean over in the dug out and ask Jim Thome. He can give him the answer.



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