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Philly sports fans have a reputation as the roughest, toughest, most vocal and unruly fans in sports. Philly fans booed Santa, cheered, as Michael Irvin lay motionless on the Vet's hard Astroturf. Sports radio personalities Glen Macnow and Anthony Gargano tell the story from the Philadelphia fan's perspective.

In part a Philadelphia sports memoir, The Great Philadelphia Fan Book is also a historical and anecdotal account of the nation's passionate sports fans centering around Philadelphia's four major league teams. The authors mount a sturdy apologia that will be sure to delight Philadelphia sports fans and remind them of their unique and unabashed dedication to their hometown teams.

You know the authors...

Glen Macnow is a former reporter for the Philadelphia Inquirer. He brings his vast knowledge of sports to listeners on SportsRadio 610 WIP. Glen lives in Havertown, Pennsylvania.

Anthony Gargano is a former writer for the New York Post and The Philadelphia Inquirer, writing in-depth athlete profiles. He hosts a midday program on SportsRadio 610 WIP. Anthony lives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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