Steve Olenski
Nov 15 th 2007


ITE: Charlie, thank you so much for your time. It's truly and honor and privilege to speak with you.

CJ: Pleasure's all mine, Steve.


ITE: How different would your prediction for the Super Bowl be now vs. what you picked prior to the season?

CJ: Prior to the season I picked the Indianapolis Colts, with the San Diego Chargers having an outside chance. But after watching the Colts and Chargers play in Week 10, neither deserved to go to the Super Bowl. The New England Patriots will win the Super Bowl.


ITE: Who is the MVP of the NFL after the first half and why?

CJ: Tom Brady is the MVP, hands down. One look at his numbers will tell you all you need to know. Brett Favre deserves some consideration, too.


ITE: Who is the LVP (Least Valuable Player) after the first half and why?

CJ: LaDainian Tomlinson of the Chargers, no question about it. He was MVP last year yet for some reason this year he can't get off the dime.


ITE: Will the Patriots go undefeated and if no, who will beat them?

CJ: Yes, they will most definitely go undefeated. Even Don Shula agrees!


ITE: Were the Patriots "cheating" in your opinion by implementing the use of an on field video camera?

CJ: EVERYBODY cheats. The Patriots just got caught.


ITE: What team or teams have been the most surprising and disappointing through the first half of the season?

CJ: I didn't expect the Patriots to be THIS good. Green Bay and Detroit have also surprised me while Miami just flat out stinks.


ITE: Should Andy Reid step down as coach of the Eagles to tend to his off the field family issues?

CJ: Yes, family always comes first. This is no exception.


ITE: Will Donovan McNabb be the Eagles QB next year?

CJ: In a word… NO. Just don't see it happening.


ITE: Taking away the Patriots & Colts, name 3 teams who could potentially win the Super Bowl and why.

CJ: Cowboys, Cowboys & the Cowboys. See a pattern here?


ITE: Will Michael Vick ever play in the NFL again?

CJ: Absolutely not.


ITE: The issue of what benefits the NFL provides to its retired players has become a lightening rod with the likes of Mike Ditka being one of the most outspoken critics of Union President Gene Upshaw and the league itself in its handling of retired players. You have covered the game and been around the game for many, many years. In your estimation, is the NFL doing enough for these players, many of whom have literally nothing to show for their time in the league?

CJ: The NFL has NEVER done anything for retirees. They're re not doing anything for them now and they won't do any thing for them in the future. The NFL is all about making money… PERIOD. And past players don't make money for them, so the NFL will stay consistent and they take care of their own, AKA the Owners.


ITE: What is your opinion of current NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell?

CJ: Roger likes to play GOD or G.W. BUSH for that matter, and the owners are letting him. Let's see… the Bill Belichick/Patriots fine took all of 4 days for him to render a decision. Then he destroyed all of the evidence in the case. Why? He alone was Prosecutor, Defense Counsel, Judge, Jury and Trash Collector. ALL IN 4 DAYS! Make no mistake about it: It's HIS WAY OR THE HIGHWAY.






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