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It isn't Easy Being Green... by Ian Poush Sept 15th

There was no army jump team, or F16's flying overhead, nope no fireworks or Rocky, but what this weeks Eagles game had in common with the last, was the result. The Eagles suffered a crushing defeat at the hands of the Patriots today, leaving many fans scratching their heads and wondering what will become of the rest of the season.

Despite the numerous injuries to the Eagles defensive line and secondary, that was not their problem. The offense was. Donovan McNabb and the rest of the guys just couldn't seem to click, and it showed as they had only 268 yards total offense and gave the ball up six times (5 fumbles and one interception). The offensive line, which was considered to be a strong point for the team, looked quite porous as they allowed 7 sacks for a total of 42 yards lost, compared to last year when the same line was allowing just over 2 sacks per game. It wasn't all bad though, one bright spot for the birds offense seemed to be second year running back Brian Westbrook who carried the ball 6 times for 29 yards. While these numbers don't seem amazing on paper, the sophomore gained most of his yards braking tackles and finding holes that didn't seem to be there. On the flip side of the ball the defense played excellent all things considered. Despite the banged up defensive line the Eagles got to Tom Brady twice, and shut down the New England running game only allowing a total of 62 yards rushing, with an average of 2.1 yards per carry. The broken down secondary also did pretty well especially when one considers that the time of possession favored the Patriots by over thirteen minutes. But alas a defense can only take you so far.

Even at 0-2 there may be some light at the end of the tunnel. The Eagles bye week couldn't have come at a better time. The ailing defense will get some much needed help with the return of veteran Bobby Taylor, and the possible return of all pro safety Bran Dawkins, and lineman Brandon Whiting. With a tough week four game against a solid Bills team coming up, Andy Reid and company may have to come up with some creative play calling to pull one out on the road. Week four will be the deciding week, the week which will determine how the rest of the season goes. If the Eagles can establish the run, and give the defense a bit of a rest they will win, if not it will be 0-3 going into week five against division rival Washington.

Angry and Frustrated fans speak out....It's getting ugly...

"Take me out and shoot me and put me out of my misery". John S.

I consider myself Homer but I don't know how long I can continue to let the Birds break my heart. It's killin me man. Tim H.

Andy, when your opponent blitzes virtually EVERY down. At what point do you decide to switch gameplans? Oh, when it is over. Rasheed B

I know Reid never says anything in his press conferences but even he looks totally baffled as to what's going on with this team. Here's a thought--run the stupid ball--give the ball to Buckhalter once in awhile. You have a HUGE offensive line whose strength is run blocking, not pass blocking, especially picking up blitzes. Get their confidence going by running the ball--it's amazing what a running game can do to take pressure off a struggling QB. John T.

Let's face it, were in trouble. This team is playing like it has no heart and Donovan looks a high school QB - cripes! This game was like watching Tampa Bay all over again. So much for my 12-4 prediction. Tim

Well another horrible loss. It's bad enough that we lost the last 2 games, but we were really never in the game and that makes it harder. We looked bad last week and even worse yesterday. McNabb just looks horrible. I see Cunningham all over again after his injury. He never really came back after that and it seems McNabb is struggling since his injury. The offensive line is bad and well it's hard to blame the defense. With so many injuries and they are playing the majority of the game since our offence can't get going. We are definitely missing Brian Mitchell. I don't know. I think we are going to struggle to make 10 wins this year unless they make a huge turn around. Glad for the bye week coming up. Hopefully in the next 2 weeks we'll see a big improvement. Karen S

And I know he's just protecting his star multi-million $$ player but it just kills me when he says there's nothing wrong with Donovan. Is he watching the same game I am??? He looks lost out there and has NO confidence. John T

The scary part about all of this is right now, of the 4 major teams, the Phillies have the best chance of bringing home a Championship--YIKES!!. And I don't mean just this year. Think about it, the Eagles need to turn things around in a HURRY--maybe they already hit their peak and are on the decline now. The Sixers may be improved with the addition of the Big Dog but still have no one in the middle and still can't beat any of the top 6 teams in the West. The Flyers are just trapped in mediocrity and have an overrated player in LeClair and still no goaltender to put them over the top. The Phils won't win the wildcard this year--sorry but they won't-but they are set up for a few years with a good nucleus--Thome is a stud, Burrell will come around hopefully next year, I think they'll lose Millwood after this season but Wolf, Padila, and Myers are decent. Hopefully they can get a pitcher to replace Millwood by trading the lackadaisical Bobby Abreu. John





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