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The post game Eagles press conference I'd like to see.eagles press conference

In all the years that Andy Reid has been coaching the Eagles, the post-game press conferences have been drier than the Sahara . As long as the team is successful, that's fine. But when the team lacks excitement on the field, as they do most weeks now, I'd like something to fill the void.

Unfortunately, the chances of a Jim Mora-type post-game tirade are as likely as the birds winning the Super Bowl for the next 5 years. So I'm left to dream. What if the cast of Seinfeld ran the Eagles? Wouldn't a scenario like the one below add a little stimulation to this lackluster season?

Jerry, from Inside the Eagles: Would you say that this win saved the season?

Answer: Click here

The rest of the Eagles press conference





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An exclusive interview with Anthony Gargano. That's right , the Cuz of WIP radio fame recently sat down with me to talk about his new book...A Sunday Pilgrimage. Read more here...


 Glen Macnow
Glen Macnow... sports talk announcer of 610 WIP and author of a new book, The Great Sports Debate, recently sat down with InsideTheEagles to discuss his book.
Read more here...

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