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Who is 5' 8” 200 lb and is a Giant killer? by Jules Pilla 11-17-03


That wasn't a hard question. It is Brian Westbrook, of course. He was drafted out of Villanova in the 3 rd round of 2002 draft. He was the fourth player the Eagles picked that year. Behind Lito Sheppard, Shelton Brown and Michael Lewis. Not a bad draft for Reid, even though the media complains all the time about his drafting ability.

Westbrook's Giant killing started in game 6 against the Giants. The Eagles had 1 first down and 23 yards in the 2 nd half. The Giants were dominating the birds. When late in the 4th quarter with just 1:16 to play and losing the game 10-7, he ran back an 84 yard punt return for a winning touchdown. With that 14-10 win over the Giants, the Eagles went to 3-3 and were saved from a 2-4 abyss to dig out of. Donovan struggled that game and had just 9-24 for 64 yards. The Miracle in the Meadowlands 2 stunned the 80,000 G-men fans and silenced the stadium. Brian was saved the Eagles season that day.

November 16 th , game 10 had a much different story. Donovan was at his best and Brian, the Giant killer, had 3 TD's in their 28-10 victory over the men in blue. He rushed for 48 yards on 9 carries and 1 TD and caught 5 passes for 60 yards and 2 TD's. Not a bad day's work. Three TD's in one game. Wow. He also is the first player since Ricky “for who for what” Watters to rush for a TD in 4 consecutive games.

It is nice to have a weapon like Westbrook when you face the Giants. Now , we need him to become a Cowboy killer and he will become legendary in minds of Eagles fans.

(On a side note, Brian Mitchell continues to have an awful year with the Giants. In yesterday's game, he handled 2 punts for a total over 3 yards. Maybe Andy knew something that we didn't.)

That's more like it. Eagles in 28-10 win over Giants.... Jules Pilla Nov 11-16-03

It has taken until week 10 but the Eagles looked like the team we were waiting to see all year. I really enjoyed not seating on the edge of my seat at the end of the game. Time to put a fork in the Giants because they're done.

Big game by a number of players. Donovan threw for over 300 yards again. High QB rating, 24 for 30 passes, 2 TD passes. There's no question , he's back. The offensive line gave him all day to pass. Something he did not get earlier in the year.

Brian Westbrook had 3 TD's in the game. The running back from Villanova that Reid picked 2 years ago has become a potent weapon. Running, pass receiving and punt returns. In fact , he has now scored 4 rushing TD's in the last 4 games.

Freddie Michell is looking better every week.

Offensive line played well. No QB sacks allowed. Nice job by Runyon against Strahan.

But my favorite play of the game was made by Carlos Emmons. On 4 and inches on the goal line, after the Giants were denied 3 times , the Giants ran Tiki wide right. It was nearing the end of the first half and a chance for the G-men to get back into the game.

Emmons was having no part of it. He not only forced Tiki to go wider than he wanted, Carlos made the crucial stop. I love Eagle defense. Do you remember, 4 and 1 when Dallas, Emmitt and Barry Switzer were denied ?

This was a convincing win for the Eagles. The Giants have always played the Eagles well. But today was the Eagles all the way. They controlled the entire game.

Next week , the Saints will be the next victim. The Eagles are now 7-3 starting to pick steam and at the best time of the year. And that's the way us fans like it.






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