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It's not easy being green. The Giants beat the Eagles 27-17. Fourth loss in a row. Ouch!
Jules Pilla 11-05-05

It's hard to watch. The team we love is just a shell of the team that went to the Superbowl. If you were the optimistic sort and believed we were still alive, I think you saw that we are now just playing for draft picks next year. Don't be fooled by getting close. This team has problems. And it starts with defensive problems. The defense is just not good enough. Period. It happened in this game just like it has happened in previous games. Get close and break down and give up big plays.

I can't take this. Here we are in November and we are not going to be playing any more meaningful games this season. Ok, I admit it, I'm spoiled. I got used to winning and liked it. I can't go back to bad football. But I'm afraid that's all we have left.

Regardless of what the announcers were saying, it was not that good of a game and we were never in it. McMahon is a servicable QB but just a backup. And playing with inexperienced wide receivers didn't help him. When Donovan plays, he makes the receivers look better . Without him, yikes, we are hard to watch. I couldn't help but wonder how Koy Detmer would have done. Time to start following my draft page because we are done. Cooked. What a disappointment!

Donovan should not come back this year. He should have the surgery right now. Look what happened to Dirk Johnson when he came back quick from the same surgery. He re-injured it. Take the extra time to totally heal. We need him next year playing like the Donovan of old.

Some highlights....

Rookie DE Trent Cole is playing well and showing promise. In fact his play is helping Kearse on the other side.

Rookie WR Reggie Brown had a nice game with key catches and a TD.

The take- out food I had was good.

Next up Green Bay. Looks like we get lucky playing them. Even with the Packers coming to the Linc, you can't pencil it in as a win.


Good morning people,

The more people I meet the more I like my dog

Before we get to the events of yesterday…it is with great sadness that I inform you all of a passing of a gentle giant.

My wife's Uncle Steven had to put down his beloved Roscoe, a mammoth rotweiler who was truly a gentle giant.

Rest in peace big dog…rest in peace.

The Lito Shuffle

Well it would appear Lito won't be ... Full Story Here

Eagles Schedule for 2005 season.

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Sept 12
Philadelphia Eagles
San Fran
Sept 18
Philadelphia Eagles
Philadelphia Eagles
Oct 2
Philadelphia Eagles
Oct 9
Philadelphia Eagles
San Diego
Oct 23
Philadelphia Eagles
Oct 30
Philadelphia Eagles
Nov 6
Philadelphia Eagles
Nov 14
NY Giants
Philadelphia Eagles
Nov 20
Philadelphia Eagles
Green Bay
Nov 27
Philadelphia Eagles
Dec 5
Philadelphia Eagles
Ny Giants
Dec 11
St Louis
Philadelphia Eagles
Dec 18
Philadelphia Eagles
Dec 24
Philadelphia Eagles
Jan 1



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Game 1 vs Atlanta
Game8vs Wash


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Glen MacNow had these kind words to say...
"This website truly captures and expresses the feelings of true Philadelphia fans. It makes me want to paint my face green and silver."

"You did one heck of a job" .... Angelo Cataldi

It looks terrific , Jules...Bill Lyon


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Jerome Brown Tribute to
Jerome Brown

by Joe Phila.






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