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The Philadelphia Eagles...the best team in the NFL


Game 12...........Dec 2nd

Never a doubt... Eagles win 7th in a row.................. DO YOU BELIEVE YET ? ... by Jules Pilla 11-30-03


The Eagles went on the road and defeated the top-rated 8-3 Carolina Panthers 25-16. The 7 game winning streak is the longest since 1980.

Were you worried when the first pass Donovan threw was intercepted? Not me. Were you worried when Stephen Davis ran for 115 yards, the seventh consecutive game the Eagles have given up 100 or more yards. Not me. What about when Brian Westbrook fumbled away a punt return and the Eagles also failed on a 2-point conversion try? No, not me again. Why not? Because I believe that the Eagles are going to win the Superbowl and are a team of Destiny.

Destiny, that 's a funny word. Because it conjures up different things to different people. To me it means , that regardless of what happens , the Eagles will find a way to win. That's exactly what is happening over the last couple of months. How else would you explain it?

All of the so called radio and TV experts said that Carolina would beat the Eagles this last weekend in November. They point to our defense and say that we have allowed the opponent's running back to gain over a hundred yards a game for the last 7 games. When your defense does that, you can't win ball games. Unless you are a team of the "D" word. And I don't mean defense.

I know you may be still sceptical because the negative media still remain unbelievers and they influence the way we think with their non stop talk. What is it going to take for you to jump on the DESTINY wagon? A big win over Dallas next week. Don't worry about it because the Cowgirls have no chance to beat us. None. How about if we run the table? Will that do it? Just get on board now and it will make the ride a whole lot more fun.

D-E-S-T-I-N-Y ................Destiny.


More on the game iteself. What can you say about David Akers? He is just the best in the NFL. He went 4-4 again. That is 12 automatic points. Last week , I mentioned that we take kicking for granted. It's not that easy. Just look at the Panthers kicker John Kasay, who came into the game 24-of-27 on field goals this year and missed three of them--- and an extra point. Unbelievable.

McNabb had another solid game and finished 18-of-26 for 182 yards, one touchdown and one interception. He spread the ball to nine different receivers.

Fred Mitchell had 3 catches for 40 yards . Not bad to a number 3 receiver.

One of my favorite plays of the game came near the end of the first half. The Eagles were ahead 10-3 with under 2 minutes to go in the half. The Panthers had quickly driven 52 yards to the Eagle 8 yards line. With just 47 seconds to go in the half, the Panthers decided to go for it on 4 and one. That's when Brandon Whiting said not today my friend. Not today. Just a matter of a couple of inches short of the first down. Another defensive stance when we need it. Awesome to watch.

Is it luck? Or something else?




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