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Game 15...........Dec 21

Heart breaking .... Eagles lose 31-28 in OT to SF
Jules Pilla......Dec 21

It had to happen. A defense that has been decimated by injuries and giving up way to many yards, finally cost the Eagles a win. I know it ended with McNabb's first play in overtime being intercepted by safety Tony Parrish and returned to the 4-yard line setting up a winning field goal and David Akers missed 2 field goals but the game was lost by the defense.

The Niner running back Kevan Barlow carried the ball 30 times for 154 yards. It wasn't pretty but not much different than past games. It just finally caught up with them.

There was a lot riding on the game. Our nine-game winning streak ended, and it looks like the Eagles lost homefield advantage in the NFC playoffs. But a win next week and we still become division champs and get a first round bye. So all is not lost.

But the game was still enjoyable to watch. There certainly was enough excitement.

Some of the game highlights...

In the 2nd quarter, Corey Simon forced a fumble on the 20 yard line and Carlos Emmons recovered the fumble. This set up a 7 yard run by Duce off left tackle with lead blocks by Jon Ritchie and Bobbie Williams.

After Pinky's TD was taken off the board because he was stripped of the ball at the one yard line and SF took over, the Eagles held them and their punter got off an 8 yard punt. A quick pass to the end zone resulted in a pass interfernce call and set up another Duce 2 yard run.

With 1:58 seconds in the first half, Lito gave up a tieing TD. The Eagles had a chance to put more on the board before the half but they had a weak 2:00 drill and came up empty.

The secomd half started out with Terrell Owens out with a broken collar bone and things were looking up with their best receiver out. And when Westbrook added an 81 yard punt return for a touchdown, the win seemed to be falling into place. Speaking of Westbrook, is he not the Eagles MVP this year? He really made everybody forget about the other Brian...Mitchell.

As we got to crunch time, things got real interesting. The Niners marched down field on our defense and scored a TD and then added the 2 point conversion. The Eagles were down 7 points at this point and Donovan drove the birds downfield cuminating in a Pinky touchdown that tied the game and sent it into OT.

It wasn't long after the coin toss that I was looking for some Pepto for the sour feeling I had in my stomach.

But next week we face the Washington Deadskins. They are booking their golf vacations now and have all but packed it away. It should not be a difficult win. We'll finish 12-4 again and be the division champs once more. But we still want to know how it feels to win the SuperBowl. I still think we will do it this year. But it will require a trip to St Louis to seal the deal.






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