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The Philadelphia Eagles...the best team in the NFL


Game 16...........Dec 21

Smokin .... Eagles crush Redskins to gain NFC Eastern Division Title and first round bye!
Jules Pilla......Dec 28

Now that is how you end the season and enter the humiliating your rival on their home field before a national audience. The 31-7 score wasn't even a true picture of the complete control the Eagles had in that game.


The birds came out as if their lives depended on it. They played with an aggressive style that I hope they keep throughout the playoffs. They were crisp, confident and running on all cylinders. Donovan threw for three touchdowns and ran for another while leading the team to its third straight NFC East title. The win sealed the BYE week and ensured the first game to the Eagles play will be at the Linc.

What can you say about Donovan that hasn't already been said? Oh, I know . Donovan you need to work on your end zone dance. It's a tad weak. Just kidding. It was supposed to be from the Michael Jackson's THRILLER video. Hey Don, that's a little outdated and obscure. It looked more like Weird Al's version. Relax, I'm kidding. I love Donovan and have supported him all year. But I want more of it especially after he culminates a 96 yard drive with a QB keeper.

McNabb was tremendous on this Saturday evening at beautiful new FedEx field. The ESPN announcers (my personal favorites of all of NFL announcers) couldn't heap enough praise on Donovan. They kept saying the success of the passing game looked "too easy". That is was more like a practice game. It only looks "too easy" when you are absolutely playing with your "A" game against an opponent defense that has All -Pro players who were ready to visit a different kind of Linc. The golf links.

Can you believe the big name players on that team, Champ Bailey, Bruce Smith, Trotter, Jessie Armstead, Fred Smoot and Lavar Arrington. And they still stink. Sorry , I felt obliged to toss that in there.

Some highlights to savor...

Jeremiah Trotter grabbing a handful of air when Duce juked him out for a first down.

Chad Lewis's 3 yard TD catch when Donovan fired the ball to him before the Washington defender could decide who was going to cover him.

Freddie's 4 catch game. One for a TD followed by his dance.

Sweet swing pass to Correll who made a marvelous run for a TD. Followed by his dance.

MaNabb's 4 TD game....22-32-242 yards... 3 throwing and one running. Followed by his dance.

The Philly Fans who could be heard chanting Duuuccccce toward the end of the game when the Redskins fans had had enough and were fighting their way back to the parking lot to escape any further embarrassment.

So now we get to relax and see who will come to play us at the Linc. But our road to the promised land will be more difficult because our MVP Westbrook tore a tricep and will be out for the remainder of the playoffs. What a shame. He is exciting to watch and we'll miss him. But, if you look at this team, every adversity has been turned around and injuries haven't stopped us thus far. This is our year. Destiny calls and we hear it.

See you in Houston.






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