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The Philadelphia Eagles...the best team in the NFL


Game 18...........Jan 18

Eagles fail in 3rd straight Championship try!

Jules Pilla......Jan 19

Disappointment, anger, disbelief, depression. Do I need say more?

Oh yeah. I forgot one---nausea. How did I forget the sick feeling I had in the pit of my stomach throughout the game and still have today.

I have to admit I thought this was the Eagles year to win the Superbowl. Not because they were better than last year. Because they weren’t. Not because their schedule was easier. Because it wasn’t. The reason I thought the Eagles would win was destiny. How else could you explain how they were winning this year.

The team suffered so many injuries that it made each win seem special. So special that you began to think the football gods were looking down tfavorably to our team---the team appointed to win the big one. That somehow , some way, they would find a way to win. But alas, they were exposed for the flaws and warts they have but we chose not to see because we love them so much.

The Carolina Panthers came out ready to play. Some Eagles did not.
The birds have not won a title game since 1960. I was a young kid back then and some Eagles fans were not even born yet. They haven't been to the Super Bowl since 1981 when they lost to Oakland. The Eagles have now joined the elite group of teams that have lost three straight Conference Championship game in a row. And they are the first team EVER to lose two HOME Championship games in a row.

Some game lowlights to remember… I will address what they need to do in the off season in another article in the coming weeks. But for now, let’s remember what we are trying to forget.

The wide receivers, in a word, were @#/$&%. Pinky and Thrash were the part of the team flaws that were exposed yesterday. Pinky and Thrash play ok against zone defenses but when defenses come up to the line of scrimmage and play aggressive bump and run and they are ineffective.

Pinky had NO catches and Thrash had just one for 9. They both dropped passes, broke off routes that caused interceptions and came up small in the biggest game of their careers. Which leads me to say that the Eagles need to get Prime Time receivers to put us over this hump. We need players like Freddie who raise their level of play in big games. We always were aware that they were decent players (not great) but now we know they are not Prime Time players. So a change is needed. Pinky should be a number 3 and Thrash a number 4 on this team.

Andy think T. O. (Terrell Owens) and work with him. Bad dude or not we need someone like him.

Do you notice how boring the game was? We didn’t do anything exciting.

Duce actually played ok after an early dropped pass that was at a critical time. He ran well too. But he too made a mistake toward the end of the game when Koy Detmer threw his interception. Duce broke off his route and went deeper and the ball was thrown to where he was supposed to be.

Donovan didn’t have the magic today because the surrounding cast couldn’t catch a cold, let alone a pass. And the lack of a penalty call on the play that injured McNabb all but ended the game.

Bobby Taylor got completely turned around on their first TD pass to Mohammed. I thought it was up for grabs the way it was thrown by Jake Delhomme but Bobby was out of position, as was Brian Dawkins.

Bad tackling on their second TD run.

No Sacks from our Defensive line.

5 sacks given up by our offensive line. They gave up 8 last week.

Carolina won 14-3. The Eagles will be watching the Superbowl just like us.

Uh Oh. there goes that feeling in my stomach again. This pink stuff isn’t working. Something tells that this feeling in my stomach is going to last until next July..









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