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The Philadelphia Eagles...the best team in the NFL
The Eagles go 0-2 . Wake me up from this bad dream? Week 2 .............September 15th

If you haven't heard or read "THE STAT", you will. But if not, here it is...Only one team in the history of the NFL that lost their first 2 home games to start the season, has ever gone to the playoffs. The Eagles have now fallen into that category. Only one team and they lost in the first round.

Tell me it isn't so. That it is just a bad dream. And I will wake up soon.


The game was dreadful to watch. Donovan had an awful game. Pass after pass off target. Overthrown, at their feet of the receivers or in the defenders hands. Dropped passes. Fumbles. You name it , if it was bad , we saw it.

No smiles on Donvan face this game. Or on the faces of the 67,000 fans at the Linc or fans watching on TV. Only anger and frustration. The boos rained down at the Linc loud and often. The fans just needed to express their emotions. It was almost as bad as watching the Eagles when Andy Reid first took over the Team and started Doug Pederson. Did I just compare Donovan to Pederson? No just the disgusting way they played. It was difficult to watch. Last week, it was the Bucs, World Champs so I thought that was the reason they played poorly.

New England are not Champs but we made them look like it. I really must be asleep and dreaming. This is not how I and the entire city felt this year was going to be.

When Akers kicked the 57 yard field goal, the fans reacted like we won the game. That is how starved for a positive sign the fans were. But it was not enough.

The real question that needs to be answered is whether Donovan is going to have an off year because he is coming off his injury. Or did he just have 2 bad games in a row? We will find out in 2 weeks when we play the 2-0 Buffalo Bills on the road.

That means we will have to suffer 2 more weeks to find out and hopefully erase the last 3 losses from our memories.

zzzzzzzzzzz....I have to stop eating pepperoni pizza before going to bed. I dreamt the Eagles started off losing the first 2 games. Doug Pederson was QB and we booed more than cheered. And "THE STAT" won't leave my mind. The only problem is I just can't wake up and I'm afraid the bad dream might be real.




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