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The fun is back! The Eagles thump the SF 49ers 42-3. Donovan rocks the house with 5 TD's. Jules Pilla 9-18-05

Now that's more like it. After the Monday night loss to Atlanta, the city was in a funk. I know I was. We needed a pick me up. And Donovan McNabb provided us with just that. Donovan played just 3 qtrs and tied his career totals with 5 TD's and went 23-29 for 342 yds.

He spread his TD's to a number of players. Terrell Owens got 2 TD passes... one for 68 yds and another for 42 yds. Brian Westbrook had a 3 yd TD catch. LJ Smith got into the action with a 6 yd TD. And Greg Lewis even got into the action with a 6 yd TD. What a fabulous game to watch. Donovan was at his best. No worries this game. No agata. Just sit back, cheer, laugh and have fun. Just the way I like it to be.

Some highlights and kudos...

TO had 5 catches for 143 yds with 2 TD's. His second TD was a beautiful pass from McNabb with a nice touch on it.

LJ Smith had a career day with 9 catches for 119 yds with 1 TD.

Westbrook has 89 yds rushing and 31 yds receiving.

Dhani Jones, Rod Hood and Lito Sheppard each, had an interception.

Mark Simoneau had a great hit on first kickoff following the Eagles first TD. And then later he kicked an extra point when Akers got hurt and got the team even more psyched.

Koy Detmer had a nice scoring drive distributing the ball in the 4th qtr. He was a perfect 9 for 9 passing for 94 yds.

The fun was back. Even Donovan and TO were seen laughing and smiling on the sidelines. This is just the kind of game to erase the bad Monday night feeling. I forgot how good it feels when the Eagles win. Everything is better in the world. Next week the Raiders come to the Linc. The Eagles win be ready to deliver another spanking. I can't wait.

Good morning boys and girls,

Raise your hand if you had the Niners and 40.

Before you start making plans for Detroit in February, unless you're going there anyway for the Proctology Convention (don't ask how I came to know this is when this event will be held), remember that these were the Forty-Niners the Birds faced yesterday.

As in the 4 Wins & 28 Losses over the last two years Forty-Niners.

What took you so long?

So let's see. A whole 43 seconds have elapsed. Time's awasting. I think we'll just go 68 yards and score a touchdown.


How many times did we see TO and Donovan do...Full Story Here.

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