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Ouch! The agony and the agony. Akers proves to be gutsy hero in 23-20 win over Oakland ...Jules Pilla

Ouch! The pain was felt by everyone at the Linc. It was felt by everyone watching on TV. Akers collapsing in pain , grabbing his leg.

From the first kickup until the the winning field goal was kicked , we knew it was going to be a painful afternoon. And for the most part, it was. The game started with Akers re-injurying his hamstring on the opening kickoff. TWICE. Yes, TWICE! After a penalty , he had to kick it again. And he knew there was going to be more pain when he did it. That was at 1:05. He left the field in tears and we thought it was the end of him. Little did we know , he had the game winning kick yet to deliver at 4:30.

What a roller coaster of a ride we fans had this afternoon. The rough start only got worse when Donovan, who was hampered by his groin injury, struggled in the first half. The same Donovan who was threw for 5 TDs last week, was greeted by boos in the first couple of series. I just don't get the booing in that situation. If Favre played like McNabb, the love fest would never stop. But Donovan is warrior. A tough warrior who thrives on adversity.

Even with the witnessing of a tough first half, the score was still just 10-6 , Oakland. But Donovan came out of the locker room a different man. More accurate, more determined to win.

The team hung in there until MaNabb came back thanks to the defense that was relentless all day long. They held the Raiders to 21 yds rushing on 22 carries for the entire game. An amazing feat. But with all of the great performances we watched , the game would ultimately hinge on the foot of a kicker whose hamstring was in extreme pain. After a beautifully executed drive late in the 4th quarter, the birds drove to the 6 yd line. Akers trotted onto the field to attempt a 23 yd game winning field goal. The stadium held it's collective breath, the fans at home waited with the mouths open. Even Reid was seen to take a deep breath and open his eyes real wide. They lined up and Akers delivered his foot into the ball with just 9 seconds left in the game. Relief and jubilation for the fans as the ball went thru the uprights. More pain for the hero. With everyone cheering and happy, the man would won the game could only muster tears. Not of joy but of pain. What a finish to the game.

Some more highlights of the game...

Donovan finished the game with 365 yards and 2 TDs.

Westbrook has a terrifc game. He rushed for 68 yds on 5 attempts for a 5.2 average and had a TD. On the receiving side, he was 6 for 143 yds and one TD.

TO had a strong game with 9 receptions for 80 yds and a TD and was a key receiver in the final drive.

The defense played strong. Trotter alone had 10 tackles. The secondary delivered some well timed hits and knocked down key passes.

Next week the birds travel to KC for shootout with the Chiefs. Stay Tuned.


Good morning my loyal subjects.

Let's get right to it as I have to be done quickly as I want to watch every second of the TV movie about Martha Stewart and her time in jail.

Man, I am TIVO'ing this puppy for sure.

Pre Game High Jinx

Following the one millionth discussion/interview regarding TO and Donovan, Mr. Quinlan commented, quite accurately I might add — that he's never really liked me but come game day we put all differences aside and we ain't even getting paid for it.

So if we can do it…certainly TO and Donovan can.

No kicky, No money?

Some thoughts re: Mr. Ache'ers.

•  Do you think he gets paid per kick? I mean the poor guy was limping around on one leg for chrissakes. Isn't there anyone else who could kick besides a backup LB and TE? Hold that thought.

One has to question Big Red's decision to Full Story here

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Andy reid, donovan mcnabb, WIP radio , westbrook, terrell owens,runyon,akers and dawkins are all loved by the fans of philadelphia. Cheerleaders,angelo cataldi, rhea hughes,howard eskin,phila,cheerleaders, wing bowl,610wip are part of the tradition.


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