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Game 4............Oct 5th

What is the word I’m looking for? Oh yeah. WHEW! ----------by Jules Pilla October 5th

Did the season flash before your eyes? Were you yelling at the TV screen? Did your hot wings or hoagie come up your throat too uncomfortably close to a projectile vomit? Yeah, it was kind of like that. Then WHEW, we were relieved. Our record was 2-2 and not 1-3.

It was an interesting game. Enough scoring to be exciting and enough defense to make us miss Buddy Ryan. The defense really carried the team on its shoulders this time. The 2 young corners had a huge game. Lito Sheppard held Coles to 5 catches and 60 yards. And Sheldon Brown held Gardner to 3 catches and 25 yards. Not bad for the future corners of the Eagles.

Mark Simoneau, often criticized for his invisibility on the field, had a team high 10 tackles and one sack to lead the Eagles linebackers. But the defensive game ball clearly belonged to Darwin Walker who forced the key interception and touchdown by N. D. Kali to put the Eagles up by 11 points. And we shouldn’t forget Jimmy Johnson who aggressively blitzed all day long.

The offense is still not quite right yet because Donovan is not back to normal yet. But there were some bright spots. Brian Westbrook, the local Villanova product, is showing us a lot more than some expected. He got the start yesterday and deserves to start next week too against the Tuna- led Cowboys. At tight end, LJ Smith had a nice game with 4 catches for 39 yards.

The game ending wasn’t pretty but Whew, at least we held on to win. And ...we held on to our lunch too.

Next up are the Cowboys who are a fraudulent 3-1.





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