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Eagles storm back from 17-0 deficit to win 37-31over the KC Chiefs at Arrowhead Stadium...Jules Pilla

Before your seat was even warm... before you ate that first chip... before you drank that first (4th) beer... the Eagles were losing 24 -6. Who were we watching? Surely not one of the better defenses in the league. And pinching yourself did not wake you up from a bad dream. Whatever the reasons , the birds were down and the Chiefs made it look too easy. KC moved the ball at will, both on the ground or in the air. Like a hot knife slicing thru butter(did I just write that? ), the Chiefs picked apart the Eagles . It is something we are not used to seeing. Sure, sometimes it takes Jimmy Johnson a series to tighten up the defense , but certainly not a half. But the real question I have for you is this. How many of you fans thought this was a loss about this time. I did. It is a deep hole to dig out of. Afterall, Donovan has that Sports hernia and we missed the extra point after our only touchdown.

But the second half proved to be a different game. The defense, who was embarassed in the first half , said " no more". As in no more points. The defense led by Dawkins, Trotter and Brown shut down KC. And while the defense did its job superbly, the offense got rolling. McNabb was on fire again. And his favorite receiver Terrell Owens was open what looked like every down. How does TO get that wide open that often? Up and down the field in large chunks, the Eagles marched. It looked too easy. And you began to sense the game was ours. Thirty one unanswered points. That a lot of points. That's more like it. Now I could enjoy that second (5th) beer in peace.

Some hightlights...

Donovan went 33-48 with 369 yds and 3 TD and one pick. The 3 games in a row that McNabb has thrown over 300 yds.

Terrell Owens catch 11 passes for 171 yds and a TD. After the game, donovan said TO was the best receiver in football. It's hard to disagree.

Sheldon Brown had 2 key interceptions.

Trotter had a strong game with another 10 tackles.

Todd France had 3 field goals to help eliminate the fears in all of our minds about the kicking game until Akers gets back.

LJ Smith had 9 catches for 67 yds.

Next up, the stinking Dallas Cowboys. Bring them on. We've been waiting for you.

Good morning my loyal subjects.

A Tale of Two Halves…

With all due respect to Mr. Dickens…it was in fact the best of times, it was the worst of times.

The Eagles would be hard pressed to look any worse than they did in the First Half of yesterday's game and they would be equally hard pressed to look any better than they did in the Second Half of yesterday's game.

Some of the numbers are staggering:

•  After gaining over 100 yards rushing in the First Half, the Chiefs amassed a grand total of... Full story here


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Andy reid, donovan mcnabb, 610WIP , brian westbrook, terrell owens, john runyon, david akers and dawkins are all loved by the fans of philadelphia. Cheerleaders,angelo cataldi, rhea hughes,howard eskin,phila,cheerleaders, wing bowl,610wip are part of the tradition of phila.


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Glen MacNow had these kind words to say...
"This website truly captures and expresses the feelings of true Philadelphia fans. It makes me want to paint my face green and silver."

"You did one heck of a job" .... Angelo Cataldi

It looks terrific , Jules...Bill Lyon

Jerome Brown Tribute to
Jerome Brown

by Joe Phila.

An exclusive interview with Anthony Gargano. That's right , the Cuz of WIP radio fame recently sat down with me to talk about his new book...A Sunday Pilgrimage. Read more here...

Cooking Up Italian Memories


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