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The Philadelphia Eagles...the best team in the NFL


Game 5............Oct 12th

The team we love to hate is Jules Pilla -----October 12th

It's been 3 years since we could hate like this again. Over the course of the last six games against the Cowboys, the Eagles have simply dominated them. Last year, we outscored them 77-16 in two games. With Campo at the helm, we laughed at them but beating them lacked the same fun as it once had been. But now , our once hated nemesis has turned the corner, thanks to the big Tuna.

No, they're not going to the SuperBowl but we won't be able to count them as 2 W's every year. The fun of hating the Cowboys is back. And I , for one, really hate them. And to see the Tuna smile after the game, is almost as bad as seeing Jerry Jones smile. But, from now on, the wins will be much sweeter.

Onto the game itself... a 23-21 loss.

The Eagles have two problems that they need to face up to. One is a thumb and the other is a foot. Both belong to McNabb. It time to admit that these two injuries are badly affecting Donovan's performance. It is apparent that he cannot grip the ball to throw is properly and his footing is not right. I am a big Donovan fan and especially object to the bashing he has been taking lately. But he needs to rest the thumb and foot until he is ready to play 100%.

You had the feeling all day that the outcome would be a loss. Even when they took the lead late in the game, I was worried. Just like old times.

Even though Donovan played badly, we still scored 3 touchdowns. That should have been enough to win. But we spotted them 7 points in the first 3 seconds of the game and the special teams on the last kick off, let them down. When the Cowboys were bad we could get away with that but not today. Not the improved Tuna led team.

The running backs really had a good game. Duce, Westbrook and Bulthalter bailed the team out of the hole most of the day. Mistakes are easily overcome against a bad team. Unfornuately, the Dallas Cowboys are not a bad team anymore.

I hate them. It's fun to hate them again.






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