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Game 7...........Nov 3rd

Smoke and Mirrors…Say the magic word…Navonod..... by Jules Pilla on Oct 27th

What do rabbits in hats, magic wands and Harry Potter have in common with the Eagles?

The answer…unexplained occurances surround them all.

As if by magic, the Eagles now find themselves 4-3 and are trailing the first place Cowboys by only one game. How can that be? There is only one answer. Magic.

The Eagles have started out 0-2 and have managed to claw their way back by winning four of their last 5 games. That’s right! They won 4 of their last 5 games. It had to be said twice. It is hard to believe after watching them over the last couple of months. This team did not play like a 4-3 team. They played Coyote ugly football. Someone must be doing incantations or casting spells. I have to rub my eyes when I look at their record.

Yesterday’s game was the best to watch to date. They beat the NY Jets 24-17 and they played like a football team. And Donovan had a solid performance. His thumb is getting better. McNabb was 17 of 23 for 141 yards with an 85.6 rating. Not great but better than the prior weeks and his highest in a game this season.

There were also a couple of dropped passes by Pinky that would have made the numbers even better. And speaking of Pinkston, he has to learn to get two feet in bound. Donovan’s pass was perfect. It is the kind of pass that breaks a slump. Kind of like a home run for a slumping baseball player.

I also think it is time to move Freddie Mitchell up and give him more playing time. We already know that the performances of Pinky and Thrash to date have been average at best. Let’s see what Freddie has. I hear he wears a talisman.

The running game looked good. This time it was Bulthalter’s turn. He had 100 yards on 15 carries and one TD. Not bad.

Repeat the magic word 3 times …Navonod—Navonod—Navonod and wave the magic wand. Poof, the Eagles are 4-3. For us to keep winning going forward, the magic word has to work the way it is supposed to.

I think
he will.






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