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The Philadelphia Eagles...the best team in the NFL


Game 8...........Nov 3rd

So guess who is back? Number Jules Pilla Nov 2nd

The magic word Navonod worked this week. Donovan threw 21-for 33 and threw for over 300 yards. The QB rating was over 108. The man the Eagles need to be himself showed why the team depends on him so much. He was accurate, poised and had touch on the ball when he needed it.

The Falcons are a bad team right now and it is easy to say the Eagles should have won bigger or more easily. But it is hard to get up for a game like this. I never thought they would lose this one. The defense was off in the first half and allowed the Falcons to run the ball too much and control the clock.

But the second half, Jim Johnson tightened up the defense and pretty much took control of the game. On offense , Donovan was nothing short of brilliant. His passes were on target and were thrown with tight spirals and with touch when he needed to. Freddie got his second NFL TD. Way to go Freddie. Reid needs to get Freddie more playing time. I think he is about to come into his own. LJ Smith had a huge game with 6 catches for 96 yards.

It was a good win. Sure there were flaws that need to be fixed but they appear to be on the right track. The birds have gone 5-1 since their 0-2 start. Not bad. Donovan is getting back on track and we are 5-3 at the mid point on the season.

The TV announcers said that Reid finally admitted the McNabb has had a foot problem as well as a thumb problem since he hurt his foot in the first game of the year against Tampa Bay. I just wish that Reid would have told the fans what we were dealing with. We need # 5 and we would have been more patient with his play. Well, maybe not. After all this is Philadelphia and we are passionate about winning. Just ask Phil Simms about us Philly fans.

Welcome back , Donovan.







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