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The Philadelphia Eagles...the best team in the NFL


Game 9...........Nov 16th

Eagles keep fighting in 17-14 win over Packers

It was after midnight when the game ended. And if you stayed and watched the whole thing , you had to be excited by the outcome. So excited, that getting to sleep was hard to do. And getting to work was even harder. But the excitement of this kind of win is what makes being a fan fun.

"I'm excited," McNabb said. "I'm just excited right now." So are we Donovan.

With just 2:43 left in the game, the Eagles were down by four points, Donovan orchestrated a 65-yard comeback scoring drive. It was the kind of heroics that we have seen Favre do over the years. Then with 27 seconds to go it happened. He hit Todd Pinkston for a 6-yard touchdown pass that made us fans scream for joy at the TV screen. Donovan and the Eagles just made getting to sleep a lot tougher. It was an exciting finish.

Andy Reid said, "It wasn't a pretty game”. Yeah we know but who cares. We won. We're 6-3 and just one game behind the stinking Cowboys. And we are excited just like Donovan.

Reid said , "This team — they're fighters,"

Donovan said, ” We just continued to fight”. "For us to win in this fashion in this stadium against a great team like Green Bay says a lot for us."

The bottom line is the “W”. I don't care how pretty or ugly the win is, as long as we get the win.

Next fight is the Giants next week. It's time to bury Kerry, Tiki and Fassell once and for all.

Props to …

Duce for clutch game. Big time catches and rushes.

Nate Wayne for his interception.

Pinky's first TD of the year.

Michael Lewis had a big game on defense

Donovan's 2 minute comeback drive.

Inside the NFL numbers…

There are 13 Teams with records above 500 and 19 below.

9-0 Kansas City

7-2 Dallas, Carolina, New England, Indianapolis, Tennessee

6-3 Eagles, Minnesota, Seattle, St. Louis

5-4 Miami, Baltimore, Denver

4-5 Giants, Washington, Green Bay, New Orleans, Tampa Bay, San Francisco, Buffalo, Cincinnati

3-6 Chicago, Detroit, Arizona, Jets, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Houston

2-7 Atlanta, Jacksonville, Oakland, San Diego








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