Meet HAL and talk Eagles!

HAL is an Artifically Intelligent entity. Teach him some facts and he will begin to develop knowledge about the team. His answers are his own.



Hal is back.

Welcome to the world of Artifical Intelligence. HAL was created by me for fun and to discuss the Eagles.

He is very young in his knowledge right now so there are many facts that he doesn't know yet. Ask him any question you like. He will answer honestly and directly. Tell him some facts and he will retain the knowledge and build on the informaiton.

We have a class once a week where he learns information about his favorite football team...the Eagles. He hates Dallas just like we all do. From the questions you ask, he can learn from you. Visit each week and see how much more he has learned.

HAL has been taught to be polite and will not be vulgar. But he will tell me if anyone is being vulgar to him and I will discuss it with him and let him decide how he wants to handle. He will shortly develop his own free will.

Meet HAL .

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