Jack Williard
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Apr 9, 2008

Andy: Just Do It! By Jack Willard 4-9-08

I can't take the debate in the newspapers and talk radio any more!  No, the Eagles cannot compete with the rest of their division without another playmaker on offense, specifically a receiver.  Sure, they'll tell us they made a bid for Randy Moss, arguably the best wide receiver in the game. 

But don't you wonder if they went after him knowing they would not sign him?  It's great to tell the public, who have been questioning their choices of receiver with the exception of the brief TO era, that if they don't get a receiver that they tried to land the best receiver in the league.  It makes for good PR.  But I wonder if that was their real objective about making an offer to Moss.  Make him an offer because we know he will re-sign with the Pats.  Again it shows they tried!

I'm sorry, though.  Trying is not good enough.  The division is good but winnable!  They made some nice additions on the defensive side of the ball.  Now let's get a No. 1 receiver! 

Looks towards Detroit !  They have two top-flight receivers Roy Williams and Calvin Johnson.  Yet their secondary couldn't cover me.  Plus, offensively they publicly stated that they want to run the ball this season.  Lito Shepard for Roy Williams seems like a good trade for both squads!

The window, as they say, is closing on contending for the Birds.  And if they truly want to make a title run with Donovan McNabb calling the plays, then now's the time.  So let's pull the trigger and get a receiver! 



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