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Eagles lose season opening 16-13 to the Pack.
Serenity now! Serenity now!
Sept 9th, 2007 Jules Pilla

The hype. The wait. The game. The same result. Agata and then pepto. I haven't written much in a while but I just felt the need to do something with my anger. Serenity now. Serenity now. We fans waited through the horrible Flyers, the bad Sixers, and the Phillies who just tease us. We wait and we wait and then it is finally here. We're ready. Chips, pizza, wings, beer, big screen TV. Check. I'm prepared. I'm ready. Too bad the Eagles weren't

How can they always be unprepared for the opening game? One name comes to mind, Andy Reid. Why do you start a player as your kick returner that never did it before? Why? Do you want to elevate my BP ? You did. Greg Lewis was in a word, horrible at his new position? From the muffed punt that cost us a TD to the poor decisons he made on the field. Then when the coaches realized that he was wrong for the position, they switched to JR Reed. More punt return inexperience and another bad decision. And it was late in the game, not pre-season when you find out if a player can be a punt returner. Of course, his first punt he tries to field is a punt he should have been running away from. And as if on cue, he fumbles a punt that he has no business being near? These guys made Reno Mahe look good.

But the blame does not belong with Lewis or Reed. It is Andy's fault and his coaches. You don't make a decision to get rid of Bloom without a plan. We can't see these guys doing this anymore. They need to use Westbrook until it gets squared away. But I have a feeling we will be talking about this all season long. To quote a Seinfeld episode. Chanting "Senerity now" doesn't work. Lloyd Braun said it best, "Senerity now, insanity later".



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