Jules Pilla 5-10-08

Jules' rates the Eagles draft. The future is now?
May 10, 2008 Jules Pilla

So this year's draft came and went. How did the Eagles do? What is my take? Every year I get psyched for the draft. I am one of the draftniks that can't help myself. I do the mock draft for months in advance. Fans from all over the country write me and give their opinion on who I have their team picking. It is a lot of fun for me.

But aside from the fun, my beloved Eagles are picking and there is always hope that they will make a splash on draft day. No splash last yr and no splash this yr. I have been a huge supporter of the team throughout the years. I drank the koolaid too. But the fact of he matter is that this team has not won a Superbowl in Andy Reid's 10 yr tenure. Lurie used to talk in plurals when he spoke of Superbowls. Yes they add S on the end of Superbowl. Well I like to see ONE.

The organization has grown to believe it has been hugely successful. Yeah they point to the winning seasons but they forget , we only want one thing, a Superbowl. I don't want to keep drafting for the future and that's what they did again in my opinion. Maybe they realize that this current regime is over. If that is the case , say so and I can get on board. If we are waitng for Kevin Kolb to come along, fine I'm down with that. Tell me . Don't delude yourself to think you can make a run at the Superbowl. You can't . You are miles away from the elite teams. You are one of the wannabes. And selecting for the future indicates that.

So what would I have done in their spot.

I would have liked them to take RB Rashard Mendenhall. He is going to be an elite player and would have complimented Westbrook nicely. With them both on the field they would have created huge match up problems for opposing defenses. A playmaker that McNabb called for. Picking DeSean Jackson was a good move. He fills a need on punt return and can be used as a WR because of his 4.32 speed. I would have also moved up into the second round and taken a second WR. Maybe a Limas Sweed or Malcolm Kelly. If you had done this, you would have made an immediate impact on the team.

But nooooooooo, we picking for a future that never comes.



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