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Eagles will go 11-5, book it. Well, maybe.9-9-09

Its opening night, the show is about to begin. Finally, after months and months of preparation and weeks and weeks of preseason the real thing is only hours, minutes, seconds, away.

This Eagles being their season Sunday in Carolina . For the first time in I don't know how many years, I am not particularly sure whether or not the Birds will be any good this year. The defense has taken numerous hits this offseason, Stewart Bradley is banged up, Brian Dawkins has moved on to Denver, and many are still adjusting to the fact that the great Jim Johnson will no longer be on the sidelines (well, he'll be there in spirit of course). The offense doesn't really have an identity going into the season. The will try to run the ball, but still passing conquers all. When they do throw the ball will it be with McNabb running on and off the field? Hopefully, Coach Reid will use Vick at the right moments (third and short, occasional wildcat look, fourth and short, basically any short yardage scenario). Still, the season is sixteen long games, so why not run through all of them in about 500 words.

I can't come right out and say, “the Eagles are going to go 10-6,” or 9-7, or 11-5, I don't know. We have to go down the schedule and do it scientifically (maybe scientifically isn't the best word to describe it).

The Eagles first three games are, at Carolina , and then home against New Orleans and Kansas City . New Orleans could slip up the Birds, but if they lose week one then I think they come around and beat the Saints. They win two out of their first three (KC is a good looking suicide pool pick).

Bye week four, not a big fan of the early bye week. Just as the team is getting in the groove of the season, boom! An extra week off, although Andy Reid is quite good after the bye week, speaking off…

Next three weeks, home against Tampa Bay , at Oakland , and at Washington . The only loss there is at Washington , but Washington just isn't very good (not sold on Jason Campbell). So yeah, Eagles win those three.

Next group of games is two home divisional games against the Giants and Dallas, then two road games first at San Diego then Chicago . Let me say that I believe the Eagles can possibly go 5-1 in the division. I might not know how good the Eagles are but I know how much better they will be than the Redskins and Cowboys (the Cowboys are not a better team with Romo and without T.O). The Giants beat us at home (which has happened before and we end up going up to Jersey and beating them late in the season), and then we defeat the Cowboys. I don't want to see, but we could see, the Eagles drop two in a row on the road. Yet again, when you think about it it's more than likely that McNabb will outplay Cutler in the Chi.

The three games after those are home against Washington (W), then at Atlanta and at the G-Men. Maybe the Giants sweep us, or maybe Atlanta rallies behind their team and they stick it to the new team of their old quarterback. Those of you keeping track at home, I believe that's 9-4 so far.

The final three games of the regular season are two home games against San Francisco and Denver , and the finale at Cowboys Stadium. The 49ers and Broncos games are hard to read. Who is San Fran's quarterback? Shaun Hill? Do they still have Alex “my hands are too small” Smith? Win. Okay, the Eagles drop one of their last two. Maybe we owe it to Brian Dawkins to just give him the victory to take back home with him. Maybe the Cowboys find a Playing Like a Team for Dummies book. Or maybe it's like last year and the Eagles take it to them 44-6. Remember how great that was?

So there, Eagles will go 11-5 (or did that add up to 12-4?). Lock it down. Don't even bother watching this season until the playoffs.

Well, watch. But come back here during the season for more scientific studies.



Justin Boylan



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