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A View from the Darkside
Dec 19th 2007

McNabb controversy-as I see it.

I'd like to address the quarterback situation in Philly, as   I see it. And remember I have no rooting interest so you know you're getting an unbiased opinion.

I believe that the haters on Donovan   McNabb, the ones screaming for him to be traded, are way off base. He has a   career 84.5 QB rating and has thrown 167 TDs, with only 78 picks while A.J.   Feely threw 7 picks in just two games!. At that rate A.J. would
 get 78 in ONLY two seasons compared to Donovan's nearly nine (seasons). Now I
realize you don't get the yards per Att. with Donovan that you would like, but the man takes care of the football, and that kids is what you want your quarterback to do above all else. Remember, the injury he sustained normally takes 2 years to recover from. Even
saying that, this season he has amassed 15 TD, 6 INT, 2,700 yds  in 12 games with a QB
  rating of 86.8. Sure they're not Romo-esque numbers, but they're a whole lot
better than Kolb would've gotten you this year. I like Kolb and I
  believe that kid will be the franchise QB, but you have a perennial pro
  bowler playing at a high level... still, you don't switch YET.

While I have your attention let's take a moment to discuss our
  resurgent 76ers. I attended a few games during this 4 out 5 win spurt, and
  I gotta tell you this team can be fun to watch. They have 6 players
  averaging double digit scoring. They're starting to play very aggressive
  defense behind the full court press on the opponents guards by Reggie
  Evans, and the ferocious around the basket defense of Samuel Dalembert
  who is averaging 2.5 blocks per game. The game against the Minnesota
  Timberwolves Dalemebert had a near triple double with 18 pts. 11 reb. and 9
  blocks. One of those blocks ended up in the front row IN an unsuspecting
  fans drink. Which brings me to another point, and you'll have to excuse
  for ranting, but when you are lucky enough to be sitting front row PAY
  ATTENTION! It's your duty as a fan to be aware of your surroundings and
  into the game. Back to the Sixers, go see 'em. Tickets are cheap,
  they're young, fun, and getting better. Lou Williams alone deserves a trip
  down to the Wachovia and you all know Iguodala is exciting.

I won' take up any more of your time. Please feel free to send any
  questions, comments or feedback to . Until next week
  kids God bless America and her football team. Go Cowboys.




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