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A View from the Darkside
Jan 22 2007

Who will it be, Pats or G men?

So here we are with the New York football Giants all set to go to Arizona, and for all their hard work they are rewarded with the opportunity to face the wrecking ball known as the 07 New England Patriots. Now make no mistake about it, the Giants faced an extremely hard road to get there. They started their playoff journey by going TO Tampa to play Philly's beloved Jeff Garcia and a surprisingly resilient Buccaneers team. Well they easily handled ol' Jeff and the Bucs and off they go to Big D to face Romo and the boys. This Giants team went TO Dallas and although outgained in yards 336 to 230,  and first downs 23 to 16 they clearly won the special teams game with 131 yards coming on returns. Not to mention the discipline play by the Giants only having 3 penalties to the Cowboys 11. A great rally by the Giants defense and a big stop at the end of the game earned them a trip to Lambeau Field.

So here they go to face the legendary Brett Favre, and having totally revitalized his career by playing some of the smartest football we've seen from Brett, the Packers were destined to win. Brett was now checking down to his second and third looks and utilizing the short game, but not altogether abandoning his gunslinger persona. He was still creating and improvising, just doing it less recklessly. Combine that with youth of this Packers team and the -23 degree field in old Lambeau  the Giants didn't stand a chance. Well they didn't do it easily , but somehow, after a ridiculously tough game in which they missed 2 field goals, they pulled off an overtime win with a clutch field goal to seal note in this game was Brett seemingly reverted back to the gunslinger, and toss a few very questionable throws that didn't seem to have any chance when he could've gotten rid of the ball under the distress of the Giants pass rushers. The last resulting in an INT that lead to the winning field goal.

So congratulations to the New York Giants, off you go to Arizona to face the Patriots and their pursuit of perfection. Now make no mistake about it, the Giants gave the Pats all they could handle in the regular season finale. Now the Giants didn't have to play their starters, but they did, and I admire Coach Coughlin's decision to play for the integrity of the game, and they were playing for every other team in the league (and the '72 dolphins),

BUT the Pats will win by 21. I don't care if Eli's taking care of the ball....I don't care what the Giants Defense brings in pressure on Tom Brady...I don't care if Brady showed he's human by throwing three INTs last week.(he still rallied them for the game winning drive)...The Pats win by 21. You see, this team is special. It really is marvelous to watch. All veterans playing on  special teams...linebackers playing on offense...defensive looks that have anywhere from 1 to 5 players with their hand on the ground...they can and will achieve perfection, but congrats Giants, you did a great job getting there.

Me, I can't wait for the draft.As always I wont' take up any more of your time. Please feel free to send any questions, comments or feedback to . Until next week kids God bless America and her Football team. Go Cowboys. 




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