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A View from the Darkside
Mar 24 2007

Catching up on B Ball

Sorry I've been gone for so long, but we've got a little catchin' up to do now. Since I've been gone our beloved  76ers have done everything in their power to scrap back to .500. They've outscored the high powered offenses of Phoenix and Denver, they've out rebounded their way to a win against possible playoff opponent Orlando, and they've matched defenses with the methodical half court game of Detroit...these 76ers are 8-1 this month.

They continue to play team ball, they're getting back on defense and they're running on every fast break opportunity they get. They're running on opponents made baskets. For those of you who don't understand how difficult that is, believe me, it's very difficult to beat your opponent down the court when you inbound the ball. Samuel Dalemebert continues to play angry, I don't know what got Sam mad, but he's playin like a man possessed this season.

One of the biggest acquisitions they've made was getting Reggie Evans, the 6'8” power forward is averaging 5.5 ppg and 8.0 rpg, but that doesn't even begin to describe the contributions he makes to this team. When the opponents inbound the ball he loves to pressure the opposing guards in the backcourt, this many times causes a turnover. Reggie loves to play hard work defense, and by that I mean he gives AND takes all the contact he can in the low post. In a game two weeks ago he scored 6 pts and got a standing ovation from the Philly crowd, we love blue collar guys. Right now this 76ers team is ½ game out of the sixth seed, and they're fun to watch. Thaddeus Young continues to improve and this core group looks promising.

        Now we must discuss that the prodigal son returned Wednesday when the Nuggets came to the Wachovia. Now you all know how much I loved Iverson, but the way he left broke my heart. To see that kid run out before warm ups and kneel down to kiss the 76ers logo, it was like he never mad as I was... I was suddenly filled with memories and emotions that left with Iverson. Crossing Jordan up at the foul line his rookie year, trips to the finals, scoring titles, MVP speeches, I could watch that clip of him surrounded by reporters and yelling “Where's my coach? Where's coach?”, to watch that kid look for coach Brown to enjoy that moment, was like watching a kid grow into a man and  seek his father to thank him.

Now we all know what happened from there, but make no mistake about it we were lucky to have him here. Sure he was brazen, disrespectful at times, a tornado of issues off the court, but up until that fateful 4th quarter against the Bulls, he gave EVERYTHING he had on the court, EVERYTHING!!! He was 5'11” 160 lbs, but he played like a fearless warrior in the paint. But alas in the end he had to go for the better of the team....But he'll always be a 76er no matter what jersey is on his back, and the Philly fans will always love him, as they showed Wednesday night. When they retire his #3 at the Wachovia, I'll be there down in front to watch
    A couple things before I wrap it up. Fran Dunphy and the Temple Owls bowed out in the first round of the NCAA Tournament after claiming their first A-10 title under Dunphy. The Phils are getting ready to start and appear to be playing better ball towards the end of spring. It looks more and more like Adam Eaton will claim that 5th spot in the rotation after putting together a couple of good starts. Which is fine with me, I want to see him rebound from that disastrous 07 campaign. My early prediction is 92 wins... I love Jimmy , but a 100 is tough. Look for a 50+ stolen base season from Victorino. Ryan hits 60 hr. The Asst. pitching coach Jaimie Moyer throws another 200 inning season. Chase gets MVP, and our Fightins defend their NL East titl and take the NL pennant.

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