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April 19 2008

The Eagles schedule tells me they go 9-7...Justin Berndlnaier 4-19-08

The NFL schedules came out and I see these birds going 9-7...they open against a Rams team that has the offensive firepower to hang with the Birds. With Torry Holt, Drew Bennett, Randy McMichael, and Steven Jackson and Bulger tossing the rock they will put up points, but no real playmakers on defense will be the downfall of the Rams as McNabb will look to come out firing to show that the injury is in the past. The Birds not so special teams better look out for Dante Hall though, he can change a tight game in a hurry. One thing that bothers me to pick the Birds here is they always seem to lose openers, but I still think they pull this out. 1-0.

Week 2 Monday night “Prime Time” as they when the Stars shine brightest...the Birds go to Dallas to see T.O. and the boys. The Birds lose a tight game there in what may be their last trip to Texas Stadium. I got my popcorn ready, and it will be interesting to see the impacts that the new cornerbacks will have on their respective teams. Pacman should definitely improve the Dallas return game. 1-1.

Week 3 the Pittsburgh Steelers take the trip down to the Linc...the Steelers win here and the Birds sit at 1-2 and the 950 AM phones start ringing off the hook, full of callers prematurely panicking and calling for Andy and Donovans head, but alas it's way too early to start the panic, and the Birds will rebound as the season goes.

Week 4 the Birds go to the windy city...the Birds win by two TD's, as Donovan will look to have a big game in front of his hometown crowd. The Chicago D just isn't as dominating as it once was, and the offense can't carry this team. Even if Grossman pulls it together, Cedric Benson is a bust, and I'm sure the Chicago brass sorely regrets letting Thomas Jones go. 2-2 now and life is good for Birds fans.

Week 5 the stinking Redskins come to the city of brotherly love and they are given no such love from the Birds as Westbrook should be a factor on the short pass against a Washington D that can tend to over pursue with an aggressive pass rush on Donovan. Look for the Birds D to put the pressure on Jason Campbell and turnovers should play a key role in this win. 2 wins in a row! The beginning of something? 3-2 .

Week 6 the Birds go to San Fransisco. The birds win easily here and Frank Gore can't match the multi talented Westbrook and the Birds D should easily handle Alex Smith or Shaun Hill if Smith has already lost his job by then. They now sit at
4-2 and now the 950 phones are ringing off the hook with Birds fans with playoff hopes gleaning in their eyes. With a well needed Bye coming up, they may be poised for a post season run.

Week 8 the Atlanta Falcons come to town and with Coach Mike Smith's new defensive game plan and potent running attack combo of Michael Turner and Jerious Norwood, the Falcons....don't stand a chance!!! The Falcons have no foreseeable solution to the QB position and should be easy pickins for the Birds. 5-2...wooohhoo.
Warm up the floats for Broad st.

Week 9 and the Birds are headed to rainy Seattle to face a Seahawks team that probably won't have Shaun Alexander due to salary cap implications, not that he's been there healthy for a couple years now, and the addition of Julius Jones won't be nearly enough as the Seahawks have no true threat at WR and shouldn't put up too much of a fight defensively. The Birds now sit at 6-2 and Kolb is feeling like his shot won't be coming anytime soon.

Week 10 brings the Super Bowl Champion New York makes me ill to say that, and with the Giants comes the end of the 5 game win streak. Not that I expect the Giants to dominate, but they do come away with a double digit win. Donovan will be harassed all day whether Strahan is on the team or not. Something about this Giants D that gives the Eagles O line fits. 6-3. Still looking good, but make no mistake the radio calls start immediately after the game which will be 11:15 pm or so...I love to hear those drunken calls.

Week 11 and the birds visit their neighbor state of Ohio to take on the train wreck that is the Bengals. My gut tells me the Bengals win this game, but I think the Birds are a much better team. After thinking, contemplating, reviewing different scenarios of the game in my head I've come to the conclusion that I must pick with my head and take the Birds, but DAMN my gut tells me different. 7-3. Looking good again.

Week 12 the Birds take a trip to Baltimore to see their ol' pal John Harbaugh. The birds win by at least 14 as Troy Smith gets picked multiple times. The Ravens are in a state of rebuilding with an ancient defense and an offense that will struggle to find an identity until Smith is ready for prime time. 8-3 and all the stars and moons appear lined up for a playoff run.

Week 13 and the Birds play on Thanksgiving. Geez I guess they'll let anybody play on Turkey Day anymore. Coming off the short week and I will go with my gut this time and pick the Cardinals to win on a last minute field goal. I see the Birds dominating most of the game but those pesky Cards put a final drive together...ala Chicago Bears in week 7 2007..and 8-4. The wheels start to fall off.

Week 14 the Birds go to the swirling winds of Giants stadium. The Birds avenge their loss to the Giants earlier in the year and hand Eli and the G-men a loss. The Birds D comes up big after giving up the previous game. 9-4 coming down the stretch.

Week 15 brings the hot Cleveland Browns to Phillyand believe me Derek “Big Play” Anderson is the real deal. Place a good young reciever in Braylon Edwards, a rejuvenated veteran back in Jamal Lewis, and one of the top 5 tight ends in the game in Winslow around him and the Browns will score some points. They have a good young D that will do just enough to let the Browns sneak outta Philly with the win. 9-5 uh-oh. Here start those phone calls again. “Hello Missanelli Andy Reid should be fired”...I love em.

Week 16 and the Birds go to Washington wher the Redskins even this years series with the Birds and Campbell comes up small, but Portis saves the day with a monster rush in the 4th qtr to seal the deal. The playoff race is tightening up with the Birds fighting for one of the wild card spots and guess who comes to town next week. 9-6.

Week 17 brings my beloved Cowboys...and guess what kids, we sweep 'em this year. Now I know you don't want to believe it but the Boys rested last year at the end and got complacent, and it may have cost them a trip to the bowl, this year they look to go into the next round firing on all cylinders. Boys win by 14. 9-7...not bad, and it may get you in the playoffs, but not much further

As always I won' take up any more of your time. Please feel free to send any questions, comments or feedback to God bless America and her football team. Go Cowboys...TRUE BLUE.





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