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The Freak is a @#%&$….if you ask me! Kenny Guy 7-7-08

Jevon Kearse opened his trap earlier this week and stated that we Eagles fans would ask, “Why the hell did we let this dude go?” Really, maybe he hasn't gotten the memo because if he did, he surely would have realized that we were actually asking, “Why haven't we let dude go already?” This remark was the kind of “slap in the face” that we fans got every time Dhani Jones would get up and play that freakin' air guitar after a routine tackle.

For those of you who don't remember, Kearse is the biggest $66 Million Dollar bust in the history of organized sports. He was an eye sore on a defense that had more than enough pimples and to call him a bum would be disrespectful to the homeless. Ask yourselves, how many times over the last 4 seasons do you remember seeing the “Freak” getting his “pimp slapped” around the field? I can remember a certain play from 2005 when a team ran a reverse on the Eagles and Kearse was blocked (actually dropped) by the QB. So much of a waste was Kearse that at times, I asked myself while watching him play, “My my my, Jerome McDougal sure would look wonderful playing right now.”

I think I got more excited watching Kearse in the Rapper Piles video “Shawty” than watching him play football. At least in the video he appears to have a clue what was going on. Jevon Kearse proved that in Philadelphia Sports, Chris Webber really wasn't all that bad after all.

Now don't get me wrong, Kearse had his moments in Midnight Green. His wonderful first 3 games of the 2006 season seemed to set the stage for a potential outbreak season. Well, it was an outbreak season, but for Trent Cole and the DE formally know as J. Thomas. He turned a once promising career into a bowl of sour what ifs and runny never will bes. So terrible was Kearse on this team that if I'm not mistaken, he didn't even suit up for the last 4 games of the season.

So please “Freak”, please show us that it was a bigger mistake to let you go, then to bring you here in the first place. Make us realize it was wrong to boo the living hell out of you and that we should have appreciated you for the star that you were in Nashville instead of the loser you were here. You know what, the loser term was a bit harsh, but then again, would you rather me call him a “Money sucking, quarterback missing, offside jumping, slow reacting failure of free agent who failed to live up to even his own standards?”

Nah….loser sounds better.


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